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Dutch government issues world-first cap on flights from European hub

Schiphol airport, the third busiest in Europe, will be required to limit traffic to below its pre-pandemic peak, to reduce pollution

Campaigners call on António Guterres to rescue ‘imperilled’ biodiversity deal

With five months to the critical summit, a “Paris Agreement for nature” is floundering as finance and political leadership fall short

Bumpy road to a clean future – Climate Weekly

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Indonesia is learning lessons from South Africa’s tough energy transition deal talks

Talks between donor countries and South Africa on a coal-to-renewables finance deal have been slow and difficult. Indonesia wants to do things differently

EU and UK will end investment protection for fossil fuels in 10 years

Under the reform, the EU will end protection for new fossil fuel infrastructure. But existing ones will remain protected for 10 years and some gas projects for even longer

Germany, Japan must not water down G7 commitment to end fossil fuel finance

There are worrying signs from Berlin and Tokyo of backsliding on a pledge to end public finance for fossil fuel projects overseas by the end of the year

Ukraine and Covid leave aid agencies struggling to respond to Bangladesh floods

At least 32 people have died and millions have had to flee their homes following severe flooding in Bangladesh in recent days. Yet, money for relief is lacking

Japanese and Korean industry push gas on Vietnam amid campaigner crackdown

An InfluenceMap report spells out foreign pro-gas lobbying in Vietnam as environmental activists face mounting threats for speaking out against the government

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It’s time to put Indigenous Peoples first at the UN biodiversity talks

As talks on a global deal to protect nature begin in Nairobi, Kenya, countries need to create a new conservation designation for Indigenous Peoples’ land

Hali Hewa episode 1: Youth and women

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti and Wanjira Maathai talk about attending Davos as a young African activist and the influence of professor Wangari Maathai on their lives and work

Nature restoration and carbon removal are not the same. Here’s why it matters

Planting trees is a key pillar in the fight against climate change but it’s no substitute for permanently removing carbon dioxide from the air

Deadly heatwaves show why India needs to get serious on climate adaptation

While the country suffers from extreme heat, Delhi’s budget for adaptation grants has shrunk and international support is falling short

EU must go beyond weak global rules in its regulation of shipping emissions

A proposed EU marine fuel standard would promote sales of LNG, a fossil fuel supplied by Russia, instead of the zero-emission solutions needed under the Paris Agreement

Europe should use its Putin-proofing energy plans to reinvigorate climate action

Many of the actions being taken for Europe’s energy security will cut emissions – so why not submit a stronger climate target to the UN?

Russian climate action and research is collateral damage in Putin’s war on Ukraine

Polluting companies are using sanctions as a pretext to roll back climate regulation, while Russian scientists cannot share critical equipment and data

Australia excels at exporting the climate problem. Now it can finally export solutions

Voters chose climate action in Saturday’s election, giving Australia a chance to get out of the “naughty corner” and restore its international reputation