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US-China climate working group cancelled after Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

Talks on topics like methane cuts, forests, clean power and action in cities have been cancelled after a diplomatic spat over Taiwan

Chinese companies seek global carbon market for green hydrogen

A project that supplied green hydrogen for buses at the Winter Olympics could be the first of its kind to sell carbon credits through the Clean Development Mechanism

US-funded trees ‘not likely to survive’ in Haiti when project ends

A report commissioned by USAID found that the environmental and social benefits of a $39m five-year programme were unlikely to continue beyond this month

Africa’s finance dilemma – Climate Weekly

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Egypt pitches for climate funding in list of African projects to be showcased at Cop27

The Cop27 host is pitching for $11.4bn in investment as part of a push with the UN to match bankable climate projects with private funders

UN, IMF disagree on who should foot the bill of the energy crisis

António Guterres is backing windfall taxes on “immoral” oil and gas profits, while the IMF argues costs should be passed to consumers

African climate diplomats reject African Union’s pro-gas stance for Cop27

Negotiators quashed a proposal to endorse gas for energy access at the next UN climate summit, arguing the controversy would distract from other priorities

India approves climate plan with increased ambition, clarifying energy goals

The cabinet has cemented a verbal pledge by prime minister Narendra Modi to aim for net zero emissions by 2070 and improve carbon efficiency this decade

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The problem with The Bahamas’ blue carbon market plans

Caribbean nations need rich countries to pay their fair share of climate finance, not market measures that let polluters off the hook

Russia’s war on Ukraine underscores the importance of curbing methane emissions

To avoid locking in new gas production in response to the energy crisis, world leaders must accelerate efforts to stop methane leakage, venting and flaring

My people have lived in the Amazon for 6,000 years: You need to listen to us

As the planet warms and biodiversity collapses, those encouraging and profiting from the destruction of the Earth must be charged with ecocide

Europe must set robust clean hydrogen standards to mobilise MENA investment

Europe needs low-carbon hydrogen and the Middle-East and North Africa can produce it

Germany, Japan must not water down G7 commitment to end fossil fuel finance

There are worrying signs from Berlin and Tokyo of backsliding on a pledge to end public finance for fossil fuel projects overseas by the end of the year

It’s time to put Indigenous Peoples first at the UN biodiversity talks

As talks on a global deal to protect nature begin in Nairobi, Kenya, countries need to create a new conservation designation for Indigenous Peoples’ land

Hali Hewa episode 1: Youth and women

Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti and Wanjira Maathai talk about attending Davos as a young African activist and the influence of professor Wangari Maathai on their lives and work

Nature restoration and carbon removal are not the same. Here’s why it matters

Planting trees is a key pillar in the fight against climate change but it’s no substitute for permanently removing carbon dioxide from the air