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Drought and water mismanagement spark deadly protests in Iran

The driest conditions in 53 years have brought chronic mismanagement of water resources to crisis point, with at least eight people killed in protests against the regime

South Africa proposes global goal for adaptation at pre-Cop26 ministerial

Environment minister Barbara Creecy called for quantifiable improvements in resilience to climate impacts, to give the adaptation agenda the same weight as emissions cuts

G20 climate and energy ministers split over coal exit

China, Russia and India are among countries resisting a timeline to phase out coal power generation, leaving it to leaders to resolve the impasse

Indonesia to burn coal well into the 2050s, under updated climate plan

The world’s second biggest coal producing country is depending on carbon capture to keep the industry alive in its “low carbon” scenario

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Europe’s floods hit my childhood home, sweeping away my parents’ sense of safety

As a researcher, I want to bridge the gap between weather forecasts and warning systems so people can take protective action

Record-breaking rain fills Chinese subway, drowning twelve people

Flooding in the central province of Henan can be linked to human influence on the climate, but Chinese media is not making the connection

Fatal floods expose gaps in Germany’s disaster preparedness

While heavy rain was forecast, infrastructure was overwhelmed and many residents did not get the message about the dangers

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EU must use its carbon border tax to support a just transition around the world

The EU is planning to pocket the revenues from a border levy on carbon, with no support for climate vulnerable countries like Mozambique to clean up their industries

G20 ministers must scale up climate finance in solidarity with vulnerable countries

As environment ministers for Costa Rica and Grenada, we call on the G20 to give our countries a fair shot at a resilient Covid recovery

Delivering an inclusive Cop26 in the age of Covid-19 requires more than vaccines

Even vaccinated, negotiators from vulnerable nations face logistical and financial barriers to travel to Glasgow amid border closures and quarantine measures

Shell court ruling is a wake-up call for governments to end fossil fuel support

Government-based public finance institutions that support new fossil fuel projects face the risk of climate litigation, lawyers warn

Canada’s next climate plan must finally address its blind spot: oil and gas emissions

Justin Trudeau cannot claim to be a climate leader while championing a high-carbon industry; it’s time for a managed decline of oil production

What makes a good net zero target?

More than a hundred countries have set or are considering net zero targets. Climate Action Tracker has ten tests to sort the green from the greenwash

By greenwashing Shell, the Science Museum is failing young people

As a biology and chemistry student I love London’s Science Museum, but its acceptance of oil sponsorship for a climate change exhibition is inexcusable

Joe Biden’s trip to Europe offers a chance for a new transatlantic climate alliance

With a US-EU summit scheduled following the G7 meeting, Biden and EU leaders have an opportunity to usher in a new era of collaboration on climate action