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At UN climate summit big polluters’ absence speaks volumes

While “ambitious” countries made few new announcements, the US, China, India and the UK had not offered enough to even sit in the room

Five climate announcements from UNGA & Climate Week NYC

In a relatively low powered year for climate leadership, a handful of government, climate finance and corporate initiatives are worth noting

China opposes ‘not realistic’ global fossil fuel phase-out

From Beijing, climate envoy Xie Zhenhua stood firm against stronger rhetoric against coal, oil and gas deployed at UN headquarters

Green Climate Fund may have to curb ambition as funding stagnates

The UN’s flagship global climate fund looks likely to have to rein in its ambition, after France announced just a 4% boost in its contribution.

Sugar rush: how farmers spurred India’s G20 biofuels alliance

Nineteen countries signed up to an India-led alliance this month to boost production of biofuels, but experts raise sustainability concerns

‘First movers’ only: US, China, UK left off UN climate guestlist

Only five of the G20 major economies made the cut for Antonio Guterres’ Climate Ambition Summit in New York, despite pressure from big powers

Rich countries ‘confident’ $100bn climate finance delivered in 2023

Data won’t be confirmed until 2025 and developing countries say the rich world must make up for earlier shortfalls from the target

Lula scraps Bolsonaro’s cuts to Brazilian climate target ambition

Brazil will go back to the climate targets it drew up in 2015 while it works on new and improved ones

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Leaders must listen to the people and end fossil fuels

Masses of people will take to the streets in 650 events around the world this weekend, to call for a phaseout of coal, oil and gas

Stop calling people ‘climate refugees’

We need to recognise the diversity of ways climate impacts influence people’s movements, not reduce them to one label

Identifying loss and damage is tough – we need a pragmatic but science-based approach

It’s often hard to judge whether a drought is weather-related or climate related and whether people are displaced by the drought or conflicts

Morocco’s centuries-old irrigation system under threat from climate change

As Morocco faces increasingly extreme temperatures, indigenous communities in the country’s southeast suffer the brunt of the climate crisis

Senegal shows African countries are not passive beneficiaries of climate finance

While drawing up their renewables deal with wealthy countries, Senegalese government, civil society, business and researchers had their say

Multilateral banks’ investments in industrial livestock undermine their Paris climate commitments

Public money should stop flowing towards the expansion of animal agriculture, which is responsible for a fifth of the world’s emissions

Republicans’ anti-ESG attack may be silencing insurers, but it isn’t changing their pro-climate business decisions

Republicans are pressuring insurers out of climate coalitions but won’t change their pro-climate business decisions

How a local victory against petrochemicals can spur global action on plastics

The Banner sisters fought for the preservation of land in America’s ‘Cancer Alley’. They are now in Paris to demand a global cap on plastic production.

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