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Slow progress on Great Green Wall prompts soul-searching at UN desertification summit

African leaders expressed frustration at UN talks in Abidjan over funding barriers as climate impacts in the Sahel outpace action to address them

Who will replace Patricia Espinosa as the UN climate chief?

The Mexican diplomat is stepping down in July after six years in the top climate job. Female candidates from Africa and Asia are tipped to be best placed to succeed her

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EU unveils €300bn plan to quit Russian fossil fuels by 2027 and boost clean energy

The European Commission proposes increased ambition for renewables and energy efficiency, while seeking alternative oil and gas supplies in the short term

Rich countries seek coal-to-clean energy deals with Indonesia and Vietnam

Following a finance deal for South Africa to regenerate coal mining areas, western climate diplomats are discussing similar packages with Asian countries

Leak: EU mulls investment treaty exit as Japan blocks green reforms

Internal committee minutes show EU frustration with Japan’s protection of fossil fuel interests under the Energy Charter Treaty, as a decision deadline looms

Former presidents of Mexico, Niger, Kiribati join commission to tackle overshoot risks

The Climate Overshoot Commission will explore controversial options to cope with global heating in excess of the 2C Paris limit

Ukraine builds legal case against Russia for environmental damage

Officials have recorded 231 alleged environmental crimes since Russian troops invaded and are preparing to seek reparations

Haiyan, the Hunger Games and human rights – Climate Weekly

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Why Denmark and Bangladesh are urging support for victims of climate disaster

Millions of people in vulnerable nations are experiencing losses and damages from climate impacts. To help them, we need to break the deadlock at UN climate talks

War in Ukraine is triggering a food crisis – and climate change has more in store

Governments must fund humanitarian relief and prioritise cropland for feeding people, not livestock or cars, to guard against future shocks

We must use Cop27 to transform energy and food systems

The latest IPCC report and Ukraine crisis show the urgency of phasing out fossil fuels, investing in renewables and developing sustainable agriculture

As Japan sanctions Russian coal, it is high time to kick the habit altogether

For too long, Japan has depended on coal power at home and promoted it abroad, despite the climate imperative to switch to clean energy

The world’s poorest have the strongest resilience, yet their voices remain unheard

Those on the frontline of the climate crisis have something to teach the world about climate resilience if they are given a meaningful seat at the table

Responses to Putin’s war risk impeding international cooperation on climate

Indonesia is reluctant to exclude Russia from this years’ G20 summit, which could turn a climate forum into a political theatre

Climate finance should not be made to compete with aid to Ukraine

As governments redirect emergency aid to Ukraine, they need to find additional funds for climate finance and not pitch the two crises against each other

Around the world, women are putting their lives on the line to defend the climate

Extractive industries are associated with higher rates of violence against women. Solving the climate crisis and gender inequality go hand in hand