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A rush to mine the deep ocean has environmentalists worried

Tiny Nauru is behind a push to fast-track talks on mining rules for the deep seabed, which could see fragile habitats opened to exploitation as early as 2023

‘Huge blow’ – cuts to gas finance sparks West African backlash

Nigerian and Senegalese leaders have criticised western countries for pledging to stop funding gas projects internationally, calling for exceptions to be made

US spending on airport expansion flies under the radar for climate activists

Public funding of $25 billion to airports generated little controversy despite flying’s outsized climate impact, in contrast to the European discourse

Aussie minister runs scared of climate experts – Climate Weekly

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UK needs to deliver on climate, not set higher 2030 target, say advisers

The Glasgow pact calls on countries to improve their 2030 plans next year but the Cop26 host’s goal is already in line with 1.5C, the Climate Change Committee says

China ‘trumps’ the west by pledging larger share of IMF relief to African nations

President Xi Jinping promised to share around a quarter of China’s pandemic recovery boost with Africa, more than European and American countries

‘Subversion and treason’: Australian minister attacks independent climate body

Tim Wilson, an elected official in Australia’s energy ministry, slammed a proposal for an expert climate commission

As Delhi chokes, India’s supreme court is grappling with the air pollution crisis

Millions of residents in India’s capital are suffering under the winter smog, prompting the country’s highest court to hold government to account

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Why I am calling on EU lawmakers to put climate at the heart of agricultural policy

The proposed reform to the EU’s farming subsidy programme continues a business-as-usual approach to farming that we cannot afford in a climate emergency

After Cop26, countries must turn climate promises into action on global shipping

A meeting of the IMO this week is the first test of translating promises made in Glasgow into bold action. The world must turn its gaze to shipping

The street and the boardroom are closer than they have ever been on climate

Action, action, action is the only antidote to “blah, blah, blah” – and forward-looking business leaders are stepping up right now

Oil and gas avoided censure in Glasgow for the 26th time. Let’s not make it 27

Investor and state-owned oil companies in the G20 find common cause in watering down climate ambition; we need to confront their influence

To keep 1.5C alive, the super rich must change their high carbon lifestyles

The richest 1% are using way more than their fair share of the 1.5C carbon budget. Tackling inequality and emissions must go together

Big business must not be allowed to set the carbon trading agenda at Cop26

Delicate negotiations on carbon market rules in Glasgow could be thrown off course by the big banks’ push to “scale up” voluntary carbon trading

Ending energy poverty need not come at the expense of a safe climate future

The Rockefeller Foundation, IKEA Foundation and the Bezos Earth Fund are launching an alliance to empower a billion people with renewable energy

How we as European climate envoys are backing action on adaptation finance

The Netherlands, Denmark and others are committed to supporting vulnerable countries in adapting to climate change impacts