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Climate fund considers India, South Africa to pilot $2bn coal transition scheme

Climate Investment Funds CEO Mafalda Duarte has been tasked with mobilising private capital to help wean developing countries off coal and create cleaner jobs

An outbreak of ‘sea snot’ is killing Turkey’s fishing industry

Fishing in the Marmara Sea has become impossible as marine mucilage blankets the water, blamed on rising sea temperatures and pollution

Clean tanks, dirty tankers – Climate Weekly

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Internship opportunity: Launch your career in climate journalism

Climate Home News is offering a paid internship to a UK-based journalism student or recent graduate with a keen interest in the climate crisis

Ministers called in to break deadlock after unproductive climate talks

Diplomats say a lot more work is needed over the next five months to overcome divergent views on finalising the Paris Agreement rulebook

Pacific islands make lonely case for carbon price on shipping

The Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands called for a price on shipping pollution at the UN body, but got only tepid support from European nations

South Korea proposes cutting emissions 40% by 2030

The coal-reliant nation will need to pivot quickly to renewable energy under the government’s proposed new climate target

Nato considers net zero by 2050 target in move to green military operations

Joe Biden has put the hefty – and underreported – carbon footprint of tanks and fighter jets on the transatlantic security agenda

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Joe Biden’s trip to Europe offers a chance for a new transatlantic climate alliance

With a US-EU summit scheduled following the G7 meeting, Biden and EU leaders have an opportunity to usher in a new era of collaboration on climate action

From Jerusalem to Glasgow, peacebuilding must address climate stressors

In many conflict zones around the world, climate change is intensifying competition for scarce natural resources, calling for a different approach to security

The EIB won’t become a climate bank until it fully stops supporting fossil fuels

The bank has committed to end fossil fuel financing by the end of the year but has handed out billions in support for companies wedded to the industry

All hands on deck! We must use online tools to make climate talks more inclusive

Digital communication is not just for pandemic times; it can empower citizens to make their voices heard in international climate negotiations

Why Denmark and Guinea are working together to tackle climate loss and damage

Solidarity and innovation are needed to provide a safety net for communities vulnerable to droughts, floods and intense storms

To meet net zero by 2050 we need a long-term vision for carbon pricing

Only about 3.8% of global emissions are covered by a carbon price above $40 a tonne – that needs to change if the world is to meet the Paris Agreement goals

Governments are overlooking a key piece in the climate puzzle: community energy

Failure to engage people in local energy projects risks slowing down the transition to a low-carbon future at a time when leaders need to speed it up

What the IEA net zero roadmap means for businesses and governments

The International Energy Agency’s guidance on net zero will inform science-based targets for business and must be reinforced by stronger government policies