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Merkel’s legacy: a robust diplomat who surrendered to coal and cars back home

As Angela Merkel’s 16 years leading Germany come to an end, experts praise her international climate record but say she was too timid domestically

US, China clear low bar on UNGA climate action – Climate Weekly

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How Climate Week NYC became a fixture on the political calendar

From persuading business leaders climate is “not a hippy issue” to putting a spotlight on environmental justice, the conversation in New York is moving with the times

European gas shortages prompt calls to accelerate clean energy transition

Analysts say renewables, insulation and electrification of heating and cooking are the answer to soaring gas prices across Europe

Why I refuse to collude with polluters in the carbon offsetting lie

The industry-led Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets is pitching carbon offsets as a win for the Global South. This is greenwashing at its most patronising

World leaders at UN urged to end public finance to fossil fuels

As world leaders meet to talk energy in New York, 200 green groups are urging them to embrace renewables and stop financing fossil fuels

President Xi declares end to Chinese support for new coal power abroad

Climate campaigners are celebrating as an end to Chinese public backing leaves few sources of finance for new coal plants around the world

US to double climate finance again, but gap remains to $100bn

Joe Biden announced an increased US contribution to climate action in developing countries at the UN general assembly on Tuesday

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From obscurity to vital global service: Celebrating 10 years of Climate Home

As Climate Home News celebrates its 10th anniversary, founding editor Ed King recounts the wild ride to establish it as a credible news outlet

Reader profile: Amelia Rose Khan wants Cop26 to close carbon accounting loopholes

“I don’t relax, the climate crisis is always on my mind” says Canadian regional organiser Amelia Rose Khan

To close the climate ambition gap, we must look beyond national targets

Rapid advances in clean steelmaking are an example of the kind of sectoral progress that needs to be captured by the UN’s global stocktake of climate action

Reader profile: Will Ward is all about human-centred stories

An educational program coordinator for a Canadian charity, Will Ward thinks great things can be achieved when you take brave positive action

Joe Biden can seal a breakthrough deal to end global public finance for fossil fuels

The US has the opportunity to make fossil-free public finance a new international norm ahead of Cop26 – but that requires ending its support for gas

How a Glasgow PACT can advance the climate agenda at Cop26

At November’s UN climate talks, leaders need to deliver on finance promises, raise ambition and accelerate the clean transition

Green taxation can help us recover from the Covid-19 crisis. Here’s how

Scandinavian countries have raised taxes on pollution in response to economic crises, while reducing them on labour and capital, boosting productivity

Following the science means slashing emissions 7% per year – starting now

Governments and businesses have set laudable net zero targets, but few have committed to the annual CO2 cuts this decade the planet needs