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Named: The oil companies gambling on climate failure

The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Shell and ExxonMobil are among those pursuing high cost oil projects that won’t pay off in a 1.8C world

UK, Switzerland accused of undermining EU green treaty reforms

Campaigners say the UK and Switzerland are defending fossil fuel interests in Energy Charter Treaty modernisation talks to tempt firms to relocate their HQs

Norway underpaid Indonesia for forest protection results, study argues

British research sheds light on why Indonesia might have cut ties with donors, finding that funds were inadequate to compete with palm oil sales

Germany backs gas as “transition” fuel in EU green finance guidelines

In a letter, Berlin stressed its opposition to nuclear while calling on the European Commission to ease restrictions on gas in the transition to clean energy

Emancipate the Cop presidency – Climate Weekly

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Saudi energy minister touts pink hydrogen made by “emancipated young ladies”

Saudi Arabia wants to become a leading exporter of hydrogen from both clean and dirty sources as part of an economic diversification plan

A for targets, D for action: Joe Biden’s first year on climate, graded

While the US president has had some climate wins abroad, domestic action has been held back by the Senate, the courts and rising fuel prices

Judge rejects campaigners’ bid to curb UK oil production

The high court ruling dismissed as “nonsensical” the argument that oil companies are “paid to pollute” under the UK tax regime

Egypt names foreign minister Sameh Shoukry to lead Cop27 climate talks

Cairo gave a junior role to environment minister Yasmine Fouad and the top job to a career diplomat with no significant climate experience

What declining oil production looks like – Climate Weekly

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Germany ‘must triple pace of emissions cuts’ to meet 2030 target

Germany missed its climate targets in 2021 and the incoming “traffic light” coalition is promising a major policy package to turn things around

Make climate justice a resolution for 2022 – Climate Weekly

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EU lawmaker calls for carbon border tax revenues to boost climate finance

Support to clean up industries in least developing countries is necessary for the propose levy to comply with WTO rules, Mohammed Chahim argues

What to watch in 2022: critical moments and issues for climate diplomacy

An African Cop, landmark science reports and a long overdue biodiversity summit will shape the response to climate change this year

Nine must-read climate change stories of 2021 from around the world

From how Indonesia treats its Elon Musks to the aftermath of “unimaginable” flooding in Germany, here’s our pick of Climate Home’s best reporting this year

2021 in coal: China’s dirty recovery mars international finance crackdown

Global coal power generation reached an all time high in 2021, just as countries reached an elusive consensus to phase down the fossil fuel

Goodbye to 2021, you plague-ridden paradox – Climate Weekly

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EU values don’t impress Africa much – Climate Weekly

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Haven of African elephants at risk, say park rangers decrying poor pay and conditions

Forest guards in Gabon say their salaries are often paid several months late and are threatening to go on strike

Typhoon Rai’s trail of destruction in the Philippines reignites loss and damage calls

More than 400 people were killed and seven million lost homes or livelihoods to the category 5 storm that hit the Philippines in December

Brussels sets out new green aid rules, with ‘pragmatic exceptions’ for gas

The new guidelines include a special clause for natural gas, allowing member states with the lowest GDP to transition from coal to gas

How the Glasgow Dialogue can deliver finance for victims of the climate crisis

It is important to seize this opportunity to get dedicated support for people on the front lines of climate impacts, urgently and based on need

As EU seeks to rival China’s infrastructure offer, Africans are sceptical

Brussels is promising green infrastructure investment for African countries, but Beijing has a better reputation on the continent

China ‘trumps’ the west by pledging larger share of IMF relief to African nations

President Xi Jinping promised to share around a quarter of China’s pandemic recovery boost with Africa, more than European and American countries

African nations settled for ‘moral pact’ with US on adaptation finance at Cop26

With the US refusing to budge on the text of the Glasgow agreement, African nations reluctantly accepted a promise of stronger voluntary support

Mia Mottley: the ‘fearless’ leader pushing a global settlement for the climate frontlines

The first female prime minister of Barbados is elevating wonky discussions on the future of global finance to the highest political level



A race for lithium is sparking fears of water shortages in northern Argentina

The salt flats of Catamarca hold rich resources for a green revolution, but the impact of mining on water sources has nearby communities worried

Colombian fishers are fighting for their rights and protection of vital wetlands

Roads, dams, mining and violent landgrabs threaten the fish of the Mompos Depression Wetlands and the communities who rely on them

Solar power has changed Syrian refugees’ lives in Jordan – and they want more

Za’atari is the biggest solar-powered refugee camp in the world, lighting the way for others

Marooned by Morakot: Indigenous Taiwanese typhoon survivors long to return home

The Paiwan community left their typhoon-hit village in 2009 for a new town, where they are alienated from their heritage

As Delhi chokes, India’s supreme court is grappling with the air pollution crisis

Millions of residents in India’s capital are suffering under the winter smog, prompting the country’s highest court to hold government to account

Why I am calling on EU lawmakers to put climate at the heart of agricultural policy

The proposed reform to the EU’s farming subsidy programme continues a business-as-usual approach to farming that we cannot afford in a climate emergency

‘Nature-based solutions’ prove divisive at Glasgow climate talks

While advocates want to link the climate and biodiversity agendas, critics say nature should not be commodified and human rights safeguards are needed

Donor nations commit $1.7bn to help indigenous people protect forests

The funding from US, UK, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands confronts the weakening of indigenous land rights in countries like Brazil



Why Shell is becoming a softer target for climate campaigners

The oil major has pulled out of a British project and paused South African exploration, as its climate targets require production to fall

Researchers are excited by ‘tantalising’ prospect of open IEA energy data

The International Energy Agency is proposing to lift the paywall on its extensive energy database, in a potential boon for climate research

‘Extraordinary progress’ – Beijing meets air pollution goals after coal crackdown

Social media protests and US direct diplomacy pushed authorities in China’s capital to clean up heavy industry and home heating

UK floats ‘climate compatibility’ test for new oil and gas drilling

The UK government says new oil and gas licensing can fit with its climate commitments. Campaigners, citing the International Energy Agency, disagree

EU climate package risks locking in gas use, campaigners warn

Under a proposed reform of the EU gas market, the industry gets to propose new gas and hydrogen infrastructure projects across the bloc

Campaigners seek to curb UK oil production through the high court

The UK’s oil and gas regulator does not take tax breaks or foreign ownership into account when deciding whether a license is in the national interest

‘Huge blow’ – cuts to gas finance sparks West African backlash

Nigerian and Senegalese leaders have criticised western countries for pledging to stop funding gas projects internationally, calling for exceptions to be made

A rush to mine the deep ocean has environmentalists worried

Tiny Nauru is behind a push to fast-track talks on mining rules for the deep seabed, which could see fragile habitats opened to exploitation as early as 2023



Five WWF Pakistan staff monitoring forest protection die in car crash

WWF Pakistan described the victims whose car plunged into a ravine in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as “young and passionate environmentalists”

Hackers throw Indonesian palm oil seminar into chaos, fuelling blame game

As experts debated a controversial proposal to classify palm oil plantations as forest, their event in Jakarta was disrupted by swearing and pornography

Kenyan forest communities sidelined as government misses two billion tree target

Community groups say they are willing to restore forests but have been ignored by government and rely on international non-profits for funding

EU’s reformed agricultural policy fails its climate goals, say green groups

Lawmakers have approved a reform to the Common Agricultural Policy, which critics say fails to deliver on the bloc’s Green Deal and climate goals

Modi’s ‘gamechanger’ palm oil push raises concerns for Indian forests and women

Prime minister Narendra Modi has big plans for palm oil cultivation. But the experience of farmers in Mizoram does not bode well

UK and EU must not abet the theft of indigenous territory in Brazil

Brazil’s indigenous people are anxiously awaiting a supreme court judgement on our land rights. Proposed new laws in the EU and UK will profoundly affect us too

On the edge of the Amazon, Manoki people grow soy and fight for land rights

In Mato Grosso, an indigenous group that was almost wiped out by white settlers is balancing tradition and modern agriculture to survive

Indonesia ends forest protection deal with Norway, raising deforestation fears

The announcement took the Norwegian government and campaigners by surprise and came days before a moratorium on new palm oil concessions lifted



US spending on airport expansion flies under the radar for climate activists

Public funding of $25 billion to airports generated little controversy despite flying’s outsized climate impact, in contrast to the European discourse

UN shipping body agrees voluntary measures to cut black carbon in the Arctic

At the International Maritime Organization (IMO) meeting, countries urged ship operators to switch to cleaner fuels in Arctic waters

UN shipping body considers zero emissions goal, defers decision to 2023

While the US, Japan and Panama backed setting a zero carbon shipping goal for 2050, emerging economies said rich countries needed to go first and provide finance

After Cop26, countries must turn climate promises into action on global shipping

A meeting of the IMO this week is the first test of translating promises made in Glasgow into bold action. The world must turn its gaze to shipping

As Cop26 car pledge underwhelms, delegates ask: where are the bikes?

At transport day in Glasgow EVs were given centre stage, in what campaigners said was a missed opportunity to promote public transport and active travel

UN boss calls for stronger aviation and shipping climate goals in line with 1.5C

Antonio Guterres said targets set at UN bodies for international transport were compatible with more than 3C of global warming and urged more action

Pacific islands call for zero carbon shipping by 2050, citing IPCC report

Three Pacific nations want to reopen talks on the long term climate target at the International Maritime Organization, urging higher ambition

Pacific islands make lonely case for carbon price on shipping

The Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands called for a price on shipping pollution at the UN body, but got only tepid support from European nations



Drought-hit town hopes Chile’s new leader will take back water from Big Avocado

Leftist Gabriel Boric won a landslide to become Chile’s president and backs reform to improve water rights and access for communities like Petorca

Europe conflicted over push to fast-track mining code for the ocean floor

While some EU states are calling for a moratorium on deep seabed mining, others have interests in exploration – with Germany sending mixed messages

UK needs to deliver on climate, not set higher 2030 target, say advisers

The Glasgow pact calls on countries to improve their 2030 plans next year but the Cop26 host’s goal is already in line with 1.5C, the Climate Change Committee says

Support for vulnerable nations could ‘make or break’ Cop26 talks

As ministers arrive in Glasgow to broker a political deal, a lack of aid for those on the front lines of climate impacts is a sore point

Pioneer of attribution science Geert Jan van Oldenborgh dies, aged 59

The Dutch scientist led research linking climate change to individual extreme weather events in real time and is warmly remembered by his collaborators

Xi Jinping announces biodiversity fund to help developing nations protect nature

The Chinese president called on other donor countries to contribute to the $230 million fund for biodiversity at Kunming talks

Cop26 must urgently get specific on carbon removal in net-zero pathways

The last IPCC report overlooked the technical, financial, and political limitations of carbon removal techniques and risks informing poor policy choices

Conservationists set out ‘nature positive’ vision for global biodiversity deal

The IUCN Congress has come up with a blueprint for a “transformative” deal to protect plants and wildlife, which members hope governments will embrace in Kunming