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Latest data shows rich countries little closer to $100bn climate finance promise

OECD figures show international climate finance increased by just 2% from 2018 to 2019, leaving a $20 billion shortfall to the 2020 target

Turning 10 – Climate Weekly

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From obscurity to vital global service: Celebrating 10 years of Climate Home

As Climate Home News celebrates its 10th anniversary, founding editor Ed King recounts the wild ride to establish it as a credible news outlet

Oil and SUVs: Why Canada’s emissions have risen since Trudeau took office

Justin Trudeau’s climate compromise allowed the oil sector to grow, driving emissions up before his carbon price could bite

EU commits €4 billion more to climate vulnerables, calls on the US to step up

Ursula Von der Leyen called out the US for failing to deliver its fair share of climate cash – an issue poor nations say is critical to success at Cop26

Leftwing victory in Norway election puts oil exit at the heart of coalition talks

A leftist party calling for a ban on new oil licences could be the kingmaker in negotiations to form a government, calling into question the industry’s future

Barbados pursues ‘Norwegian model’: going green at home and drilling for oil

The Caribbean nation wants its vehicles and electricity to be almost completely renewable by 2030 but supports oil and gas development for export

Conservationists set out ‘nature positive’ vision for global biodiversity deal

The IUCN Congress has come up with a blueprint for a “transformative” deal to protect plants and wildlife, which members hope governments will embrace in Kunming

Conservationists back indigenous peoples’ call to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025

Members of the IUCN Congress overwhelmingly backed the motion but Brazilian experts warn the verdict will likely be ignored by Bolsonaro’s government

Threading the needle on Afghan aid – Climate Weekly

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Displaced Afghan negotiator calls for climate aid to war-torn states

Ahmad Samim Hoshmand, a top climate official before he fled the Taliban, says Afghans need support more than ever to cope with climate impacts

UK rejects campaigners’ call to postpone Cop26 climate talks again

Green groups say unequal access to vaccines makes it impossible for developing countries to be fairly represented at the Glasgow summit in November

What is Cop26 and why does it matter? Your guide to the Glasgow climate summit

Following a two-year gap, countries are due to meet in the UK for UN climate talks in November. Here’s what is at stake

Waiting for Cop26 vaccines – Climate Weekly

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Frustration mounts as Cop26 delegates wait for the UK’s promised Covid vaccines

Most campaigners from developing countries have heard nothing about how to get jabbed, with time running out before the critical UN climate conference

Who speaks for Afghans? – Climate Weekly

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As the Taliban seizes control of Afghanistan, coal is a key source of revenue

Mining was a major source of finance for the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan and has strategic importance as the militants seek to govern

Joe Biden can seal a breakthrough deal to end global public finance for fossil fuels

The US has the opportunity to make fossil-free public finance a new international norm ahead of Cop26 – but that requires ending its support for gas



The future of humanitarian aid? Pilot scheme stops drought leading to hunger

An early intervention approach tested in Pakistan and Senegal unlocks aid for predictable and predicted extreme weather before communities suffer

Green taxation can help us recover from the Covid-19 crisis. Here’s how

Scandinavian countries have raised taxes on pollution in response to economic crises, while reducing them on labour and capital, boosting productivity

The climate crisis is intensifying. So why is climate finance drying up?

As the IPCC warns of intensifying climate impacts, rich countries must deliver on their funding promises and set new commitments to the developing world

South Africa proposes global goal for adaptation at pre-Cop26 ministerial

Environment minister Barbara Creecy called for quantifiable improvements in resilience to climate impacts, to give the adaptation agenda the same weight as emissions cuts

Developing nations put numbers on the table for the next climate finance goal

Nearly 100 developing countries have come together to define what success means at Cop26, raising the stakes for donor countries to step up their finance pledges

EU’s border tax gives countries 5 years to clean up industries or face penalties

Unpopular among the bloc’s trading partners, countries are seeking exemptions to the carbon levy, as Brussels hints alternatives to pricing may be considered to dodge the tax

G20 backs carbon pricing, ‘raising stakes’ among emerging economies

The EU’s threatened carbon tariff on imports has spurred trading partners like Indonesia and Turkey to consider making polluters pay at home

Argentina pitches green debt swap, with the Pope’s blessing

Pope Francis is the unlikely champion of a pioneering green debt relief plan for Argentina, but it is a politically sensitive issue in his home country



On a mission: Evangelicals flock to the Amazon home of isolated tribes

On Brazil’s border with Peru, evangelical churches are multiplying, in a threat to uncontacted indigenous groups

Conservation summit opens amid debate over role of indigenous people

A group of human rights NGOs has organised a counter-summit, claiming mainstream conservation measures aren’t respecting indigenous peoples’ rights

IPCC report a ‘call to arms’ for climate science in courts, legal experts say

Youth, climate disaster victims and vulnerable countries could use the latest UN science report as evidence to sue polluters for damages or remedial action

Chileans look to new constitution to return water to communities

Rural communities hope the drafting of a new constitution will dismantle water privatisation in Chile and recognise the right to access water

Shell court ruling is a wake-up call for governments to end fossil fuel support

Government-based public finance institutions that support new fossil fuel projects face the risk of climate litigation, lawyers warn

Paris deal enters boardrooms – Climate Weekly

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Shell ordered to slash emissions 45% by 2030 in historic court ruling

This is the first time a company has been held legally liable for its contribution to climate change – setting a precedent for future lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry

Youth activists prank Standard Chartered in critique of coal lending policy

Fridays for Future activists donned false moustaches in a stunt to put pressure on Standard Chartered to stop financing fossil fuels



Chinese coal power investment slows, with 24 projects approved this year

Chinese provincial governments approved construction of 5.2GW of coal power capacity in the first half of 2021, analysis by Greenpeace has found

UK oil construction postponed after kayakers’ Stop Cambo protest

Campaigners scored a minor victory in efforts to block consent for Cambo oil field in the North Atlantic, which they argue is incompatible with climate leadership

US guidance to development banks puts gas infrastructure finance in question

Gas-fired power projects in Thailand and South Africa could be affected by a shift in US development finance policy to back clean energy over fossil fuels

Sri Lanka rules out new coal power, promotes rooftop solar

The government wants 70% of the island’s electricity to come from renewables by 2030 and is offering cheap loans to install rooftop solar

Nigeria to end gas flaring by 2030, under national climate plan

The government is promising to crack down on wasteful emissions from oil and gas production, a major climate and health issue in Nigeria

Brazil plans to prop up coal sector, defying calls for a global phase out

The government has published a plan for the ‘sustainable’ use of coal that would allow the fossil fuel to be burnt until 2050

IPCC report prompts calls to tackle methane emissions at Cop26

Only 13 countries have methane emission targets in their climate plans, despite evidence of the gas’s potent role in global heating

Indonesia to burn coal well into the 2050s, under updated climate plan

The world’s second biggest coal producing country is depending on carbon capture to keep the industry alive in its “low carbon” scenario



A week of wildfires has left thousands homeless in southern Turkey

Experts say forest management and firefighting equipment is needed to prevent future disasters, as climate change brings hotter and drier conditions

Ethiopia to shift from beef to chicken production under updated climate plan

The government is promoting smaller livestock to limit the rise of methane emissions, in a plan that is 80% dependent on international finance

After 20 years, talks on scrapping fishing subsidies enter final stretch

The World Trade Organization is nearing a deal to end harmful fishing subsidies, but exemptions for developing countries could give China a pass

DR Congo plans to lift logging moratorium amid forest protection talks

The government is ending a decade-old ban on new forestry concessions, to the horror of campaigners who say the move is incompatible with climate targets

UN draft accord sets out new biodiversity goals but delivery plan is lacking

Experts welcomed the proposed targets to protect and restore nature, but said without funding and national accountability they would achieve little

‘Hot air’ carbon offset scheme undermines Colombia’s climate goal, experts warn

Colombia stands to lose $62m in carbon tax revenue and underperform its emissions targets due to flawed forest carbon credit projects, investigators claim

Norway pays Gabon $17m for forest protection despite deforestation spike

While proponents say results-based payments can support forest protection in the long term, critics say the Gabonese government has done little to earn the money

Flooding and drought fuels mental health crisis in Kenya

Many Kenyans are suffering post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety after being hit by extreme weather, but lack access to mental health services



Pacific islands call for zero carbon shipping by 2050, citing IPCC report

Three Pacific nations want to reopen talks on the long term climate target at the International Maritime Organization, urging higher ambition

Pacific islands make lonely case for carbon price on shipping

The Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands called for a price on shipping pollution at the UN body, but got only tepid support from European nations

With Indonesia’s answer to Elon Musk in jail, electric vehicles are going nowhere

Electric vehicle pioneer Dasep Ahmadi was imprisoned over a failed experiment, with a chilling effect on innovation

It took the Suez Canal crisis to highlight the scale of the polluting shipping sector

The growing global shipping fleet is increasing the sector’s climate and environmental impacts. To rein it in, we need a global carbon price for shipping

How the shipping industry can halve climate-warming black carbon in the Arctic

Switching to cleaner shipping fuel would prevent Arctic warming and deliver an easy win for the climate

Mauritius oil spill: questions mount over ship fuel safety

More than six months after the Wakashio spilled fuel oil into a pristine lagoon, Mauritians are still waiting for answers and compensation

UK Supreme Court lifts ban on Heathrow airport third runway 

Heathrow still faces major obstacles to carry out its expansion plans, in light of the UK’s 2050 net zero target and uncertain future demand

EU urged to address aviation’s full climate impact, including non-CO2 emissions

Air travel is heating the climate at approximately three times the rate of the sector’s carbon dioxide emissions alone, report finds, with major policy implications



New York floods show subway systems must be prepared for climate change

After hurricane Ida swamped the city, experts set out how to increase the resilience of public transport infrastructure as flash-flooding events become more frequent

Leaked IPCC draft: Lifestyle change can cut double the emissions of Brazil by 2030

Meat, air con, flying and SUVs are driving emissions up, the latest science shows – and cleaner lifestyle choices can make a difference

Afghanistan at risk of hunger amid drought and Taliban takeover

As the Taliban seizes control of Afghanistan, experts warn severe drought could worsen the humanitarian crisis triggered by an exodus of western forces

The lesson from German floods: prepare for the unimaginable

A month after fatal floods swept through western Germany, survivors are still in shock and experts warn such disasters are becoming more common

Developing nations push to define ‘unacceptably vague’ adaptation goal

South Africa is proposing a quantitative target for boosting resilience to climate impacts globally, but there are technical and political hurdles

Following the science means slashing emissions 7% per year – starting now

Governments and businesses have set laudable net zero targets, but few have committed to the annual CO2 cuts this decade the planet needs

Five takeaways from the IPCC’s 2021 climate science report

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has published its first update on the physical science of climate change since 2013. Here are the key messages

Science is on time; action is late – Climate Weekly

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