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Governments battle over carbon removal and renewables in IPCC report

While the Saudis pushed carbon capture and storage technology, Europeans fought for wind and solar to be talked up in the report.

Brazil evicts gold miners from Amazon rainforest

Brazil’s new government is clamping down on illegal gold mining in the Amazon rainforest, using satellite imagery to find and destroy mining camps

Nations fight to be called climate vulnerable in IPCC report

Being recognised as partiuclarly vulnerable can help countries access climate finance and plan adaptation strategies

Nations seek compromise on fossil fuel phase-out ahead of Cop28

Governments will hold consultations on whether to call for a phase out of fossil fuels at the Cop28 climate talks in November

IPCC highlights rich nations’ failure to help developing world adapt to climate change

Scientists say funding needs to increase ‘many-fold’ in order to reach climate goals and protect communities disproportionately affected by global warming

UN tells governments to ‘fast forward’ net zero targets

Antonio Guterres said leaders of the G20’s rich nations must aim for net zero “as close as possible” to 2040 while emerging nations should set 2050 targets

Nature’s stewards under attack – Climate Weekly

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Green Climate Fund credibility hangs over response to violence in Nicaragua project

Indigenous people in Nicaragua have accused a Green Climate Fund project of exacerbating violence with settlers invading their land

Loss and damage committee ready to start talks following Asian nominations

Six Asian countries will share two seats on the committee due to start work on establishing a fund for climate victims



IMF approves first batch of climate resilience loans

Five countries had loan packages approved under the IMF’s first sustainability fund, but concerns remain about whether it will boost resilience for the most vulnerable nations 

Vietnam’s energy transition deal is a ‘black box’, partner warns

A Vietnam government partner suggested that even Hanoi is unaware of the details of the energy transition package

It’s high time for the high seas – Climate Weekly

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EU agrees diplomatic push for fossil fuel phase out ahead of Cop28

The bloc has made achieving a global phase out of coal, oil and gas “well ahead of 2050” a priority of its climate diplomacy

High Seas Treaty exempts deep-sea mining from stricter environmental rules

Despite the setback campaigners hope countries will be emboldened to protect marine ecosystems as they negotiate seabed mining rules

IMF warns against ‘protectionism’ in rich world’s green subsidies

The US will subsidise North American-made electric vehicles, sparking responses from other rich countries – but there are concerns on the effects on the developing world.

UAE minister calls for “phase out” of oil and gas

Attempts to get governments to agree to “phase out” fossil fuels were unsuccesful at Cop26 and Cop27 and that battle is likely to be re-fought at Cop28

UAE’s Cop28 boss calls for “course correction” on climate change

Jaber, who also heads the state oil giant Adnoc, fueled activists’ worries about fossil fuels in the upcoming UN climate negotiations.



Mafalda Duarte named as next chief of UN climate fund

The CEO of the Climate Investment Funds has been picked to head the Green Climate Fund as its board faces its first complaint case

Vulnerable nations set up alliance to prepare loss and damage action plans

Researchers are working with eight developing countries to pool resources and respond to climate disasters with local solutions

World Bank backs mega dam threatening to displace thousands in Mozambique

The World Bank argues the project will accelerate the energy transition in southern Africa, but people facing displacement say their voices are not being heard

Canada sets out green investments guide amid complaints of industry capture

The process to create Canada’s first guide for green investiments has been accused of being undemocratic and extending the life of polluting fuels.

Governments sworn to secrecy on ‘$20bn’ for Indonesia’s energy transition

They won’t reveal who is paying what or how it will be spent and one bank said their $1bn contribution is just something they’re “willing to consider”

UN sets date for loss and damage talks, risking Asian no-show

Negotiators will gather in Egypt at the end of March to discuss a fund for climate victims, whether the Asia-Pacific group has nominated its members or not

Banga the banker – Climate Weekly

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India set to push for green World Bank reforms at G20

India wants the World Bank to lend more money for climate finance, at cheaper rates, in developing countries and will use its G20 chair to push this agenda



Lawyers and activists build pressure on Korean court to rule on climate

Pressure is building on South Korea’s constitutional court to make a key climate change judgment, as the government prepares to publish its first carbon neutrality plan 

China strengthens role of courts in meeting carbon targets

China’s Supreme People’s Court issued the first judicial document to encourage and guide case handling on carbon emissions

Green lawyers get boost – Climate Weekly

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Vanuatu gathers support for UN climate justice statement

Over 100 nations have backed the Pacific Island’s attempt to make it easier for govenrments to be sued over climate failures

Study: IPCC asks emerging countries to drop coal faster than rich nations did

A new study has found that most energy transition models ask nations like China, India and South Africa to cut coal use twice as fast as developed countries ever did.

Vanuatu publishes draft resolution seeking climate justice at UN court

The Pacific island nation says 100 countries back its call for the International Court of Justice to advise on states’ climate obligations

Scientists warn data gaps must not block loss and damage

A shortage of weather stations across Africa shouldn’t stop climate victims accessing critical funds, scientists say

Latin America closes ranks at Cop27 around climate finance

Debt and climate shocks, combined with political shifts, have united historically left- and rightwing countries behind common asks



Argentina secures funding boost to kickstart gas exports from ‘carbon bomb’

President Alberto Fernández is seeking funding for an export pipeline that would channel Vaca Muerta’s gas to neighbouring countries

Chinese coal boom a ‘direct threat’ to 1.5C goal, analysts warn

Energy security fears prompted Beijing to rapidly accelerate coal power plans last year, raising concerns about the country’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions

COP28 boss urges Big Oil to join fight against climate change

Cop28 president and oil and gas executive Sultan al-Jaber urged energy conference participants in Houston to do more faster to limit global warming

Finance key climate issue for new Nigerian president

Without climate finance from rich nations, “we are not going to comply with your climate change” said Bola Tinubu

Japan’s ‘green transformation’ would derail the energy transition in Asia

Japan plans to prolong fossil fuels across Southeast Asia, by promoting carbon capture, gas and the co-firing of ammonia at coal power plants.

Total escapes court censure over East African oil pipeline

The court said campaigners arguments against the East African crude oil pipeline had changed too much – they are considering an appeal

Greta Thunberg protests wind farm “violating human rights” in Norway

Thunberg said the wind farm violates the rights of indigenous Sami people to herd their reindeer, as the sight and sound of the turbines scares the animals

ECT boss accuses EU of protecting fossil fuels by blocking reforms

Lentz accused the European Union of helping protect fossil fuel investments but climate campaigners accused him of a “desperate attempt” to keep the EU in the treaty



Biden promises to “work with Congress” to fund Amazon protection

With Jair Bolsonaro out of power, one obstacle to US funding for Amazon rainforest protection has gone – but Republicans in Congress could still block funding.

France seeks EU loophole for French Guiana to power space sector with biofuels

Campaigners have warned the exemption risks setting an incentive for increased logging in Europe’s corner of the Amazon forest.

Brazil launches first raids against Amazon tree-cutters under Lula’s new government

Brazil’s new government is already having an impact on deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, an environmental enforcement agent claimed

Lula revives $1 billion Amazon Fund and environmental protections

On his first day in office as Brazil’s president, Lula da Silva signed a package of seven executive orders to protect the environment

Cost of a KitKat: Big brands leave sugar farmers at the mercy of climate extremes

Nestlé, Coca Cola and Pepsi are among the buyers from Nanglamal Sugar Complex, which smallholders say gives no help with climate resilience

India’s female cane cutters face child marriage and hysterectomy

Women and girls in India’s sugar fields are exposed to sexual harassment, backbreaking work and inadequate healthcare

Cop15 global nature deal passes despite DR Congo’s objection

The Chinese presidency gavelled through a biodiversity pact in Montreal, overriding the funding concerns of some African delegates

Migrant labourers suffer exploitation in India’s sugar fields

Millions of people migrate each year to work in India’s sugar fields under extreme heat, harsh conditions and debt bondage



Airlines plot fight-back against France’s short-haul flights ban

The aviation industry plans to argue that banning short-haul flights is ineffective and impinges on EU citizens’ right to travel between countries

Momentum grows towards 2050 zero carbon shipping target

Nigeria, Chile and Vietnam are among countries now backing a stronger climate goal for international shipping, but cost concerns remain

International air travel set for ‘aspirational’ 2050 net zero goal

The International Civil Aviation Organization has agreed a 2050 net zero emissions goal for aviation but its credibility is in doubt

UK government touts ‘guilt-free flying’ on country’s hottest day on record

The “jet zero” strategy relies on future technology breakthroughs and rejects options to curb demand

Dutch government issues world-first cap on flights from European hub

Schiphol airport, the third busiest in Europe, will be required to limit traffic to below its pre-pandemic peak, to reduce pollution

UN body makes ‘breakthrough’ on carbon price proposal for shipping

After a decade of talks, there is consensus at the International Maritime Organization to put a price on shipping emissions – the next question is how high

Nigerian airlines win jet fuel subsidy after shutdown threat

After domestic airlines threatened to ground their planes, the government agreed to cover some of their rising fuel costs

Turkey opens laboratory to grow algae for jet fuel, in EU-backed clean aviation push

Ministers hope Turkish Airlines will make its first biofuelled flight by the end of 2022, but experts are sceptical algae can make much of a dent in aviation emissions



The IPCC’s climate scientists have done their job – now we must do ours

As citizens, we must educate and inspire our peers to act on climate change through positive and empowering campaigns

Breakthrough for nature protection – Climate Weekly

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India’s sugarcane farmers struggle to cope with droughts and floods

In India more intense droughts and floods are destroying sugarcane crops and plunging millions of farmers and their families into debt

Destruction of Brazil’s Cerrado savanna soars for third year in a row

Brazil’s outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro has presided over four years of destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado grasslands

Governments split on ditching nature-harming subsidies in Montreal

Negotiators at the Cop15 biodiversity summit in Montreal have until Friday to agree a “nature pact” that can get rid of harmful subsidies

UN nature pact nears its ‘Copenhagen or Paris’ moment

Cop15 biodiversity negotiations in Montreal next month will determine how the world halts and reverses nature loss

In numbers: The state of the climate ahead of Cop27

Emissions are still rising, pledges to 2030 put the world on track for 2.5C of warming but fossil fuel demand is nearing its peak

Odd couple bungle nature talks – Climate Weekly

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