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Which countries are ‘particularly vulnerable’ to climate change?

The European Union pushed to restrict loss and damage funds to “particularly vulnerable” nations, but the definition is still up for debate

EU agrees law to crack down on deforestation in supply chains

The EU deforestation law aims to stop imports of products if their producers have cut down trees to grow them

UAE plans to have it both ways as Cop28 climate summit host

The Gulf oil and gas exporter is going big on renewable energy investment and food security, while expanding hydrocarbon production

EU chief flags concerns about Biden’s ‘buy American’ climate plans

Ursula von der Leyen is mooting increased public support for EU cleantech industries, in response to the US’ Inflation Reduction Act

Brazil’s incoming government set to scrap gas pipelines and power plants

Marina Silva, tipped as the next environment minister, tweeted that the planned infrastructure would cost the country $22bn over four years

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Battle lines drawn in talks on new plastics treaty

US and Saudi Arabia want a bottom-up deal focused on recycling, while a “high ambition coalition” wants top-down curbs on plastic production

‘Unparalleled in the world’: Australian grid operator maps path to 100% renewables

From 2025, the entire country is expected to run on 100% clean electricity for hours then days at a time, raising new engineering challenges

Vanuatu publishes draft resolution seeking climate justice at UN court

The Pacific island nation says 100 countries back its call for the International Court of Justice to advise on states’ climate obligations

Who should pay for loss and damage? Spoiler: not China

While there is a case for South Korea, UAE and Israel to join the donor pool, whichever way you measure it the US should pay more



The climate vulnerable are starting to roar

The Cop27 summit won a breakthrough for those on the frontlines of the climate emergency. Cop28 must herald the end of oil and gas

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Late-night fossil fuel fight leaves bitter taste after Cop27

After two grueling nights of overtime in Sharm el-Sheikh, the blame game began, with allegations of stonewalling and hypocrisy

Scientists warn data gaps must not block loss and damage

A shortage of weather stations across Africa shouldn’t stop climate victims accessing critical funds, scientists say

What was decided at Cop27 climate talks in Sharm el-Sheikh?

The Sharm el-Sheikh Implementation Plan made a breakthrough on support for climate victims, but avoided confronting the oil and gas sector

In low-energy finish, oil and gas escape censure at Cop27

At dawn on Sunday, exhausted negotiators agreed a climate deal in Sharm el-Sheikh that paves the way to a fund for climate victims but falls short on mitigation

EU-developing countries’ Cop27 deal offers hope to climate victims

In a breakthrough at Sharm el-Sheikh talks, the EU agreed to back a dedicated fund for climate-related loss and damage

Cop27 bulletin: John Kerry has Covid

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Greenwash alert as Cop27 draft allows double claiming of carbon credits

Companies and countries could take credit for the same tonne of CO2 cut under rules being negotiated in Sharm el-Sheikh

Cop27 tees up speed dating for climate investment deals

Sharm el-Sheikh talks are expected to approve a series of matchmaking events between investors, governments and project developers

Republican gains quash hopes of US delivering on climate finance

The results of the US midterm elections make it harder for president Joe Biden to meet his promise to developing countries

EU opens the door to a loss and damage facility – if China pays

Frans Timmermans gave the strongest signal yet the EU is willing to consider a fund for climate victims – but no decision this year

German, US cash aims to cut Egypt’s gas use and boost exports

Egypt has agreed to consider a net zero target and speed up renewable deployment with the multimillion dollar package

Latin America closes ranks at Cop27 around climate finance

Debt and climate shocks, combined with political shifts, have united historically left- and rightwing countries behind common asks

Vulnerable nations publish climate spending wish-lists

Over 30 countries are putting together “prosperity plans” – but their priorities are not always the same as funders’

Cop27 bulletin: Could polluter taxes fund loss and damage?

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Hali Hewa episode 7: Youth talk loss and damage

Four young activists explain why loss and damage is a hot topic at Cop27 climate talks and how they are fighting for climate justice

Egypt clamps down on activism and undocumented workers ahead of Cop27

Campaigners are hoping to use the global spotlight on Egypt to secure the release of political prisoners – but fear a backlash

See you in court: how climate lawsuits could sharpen Cop27 loss and damage talks

If international solidarity with climate victims falls short, litigation offers a vital but imperfect avenue for compensation

Climate finance isn’t reaching African communities – Cop27 must fix this injustice

Indigenous peoples and local communities receive less than 1% of all climate funding despite scoring wins for people and nature

Displaced by drought, climate migrants clash with Zimbabwe’s timber industry

After suffering from extreme drought, farmers have settled in timber plantations in eastern Zimbabwe, clashing with government and industry

‘Gigantic missed opportunity’: Chile rejects green constitution

The constitutional draft declared Chile an “ecological” state, recognised nature as a subject of rights and ordered the state to take actions against the climate crisis

G20 Bali meeting highlights Indonesia’s weak climate action

Campaigners are mounting a challenge against the government, arguing that insufficient climate action infringes on their human rights

Migrants on US-Mexican border suffer from extreme water scarcity

At migrant shelters in Reynosa, water is carefully rationed for thousands of people waiting for permission to pursue the American Dream



Rich nations, banks pledge $20bn for Indonesia’s coal-to-clean switch

The US and Japan led on mobilising finance to retire Indonesian coal plants and scale up renewables, in a deal announced in Bali

‘Complete contradiction’: Egypt burns dirtier fuel to sell more gas to Europe

The Cop27 host has increased its use of mazut, a heavy fuel oil, in power stations, despite its harmful impact on health and the environment

Gas is casting a long shadow over green development in Africa

At the Cop27 summit in Egypt, a dash for gas risks distracting from the support for climate resilience Africans really need

‘Oil and gas trade show’ promotes carbon capture at Cop27

Fossil fuel lobbyists outnumber every national delegation at Sharm el-Sheikh climate talks, keeping talks of a phaseout at bay

UN cancels African energy finance initiative over fraudster’s role

The UN Economic Commission for Africa is reviewing its private sector partners after learning of NJ Ayuk’s criminal record

‘Toxic cover-up’: UN blasts oil majors’ fake net zero pledges

To make net zero claims, firms must stop investing in new fossil fuel production, a UN-appointed taskforce recommends

South Africa pitches $84bn plan to shift from coal to clean energy

President Cyril Ramaphosa set out a 200-page investment plan ahead of Cop27 climate talks, urging partners to finance his vision

European nations delay fossil fuel finance ban, blaming energy crisis

The Netherlands is breaching a promise to end international finance for fossil fuels this year as Italy and Germany show signs of backsliding



UN nature pact nears its ‘Copenhagen or Paris’ moment

Cop15 biodiversity negotiations in Montreal next month will determine how the world halts and reverses nature loss

Lula charms UN climate summit, bringing hope for rainforests

Brazil’s president-elect got a hero’s welcome at Cop27, where he met with climate envoys from the US and China

As Glasgow forest pledge turns to action, most signatories drop out

Russia, Indonesia and DRC are among the tree-rich nations not signed up to a Cop27 partnership for delivering forest protection

Brazil election: Lula victory raises hope for Amazon rainforest

Lula has vowed to halt deforestation but analysts warn that a right-wing dominated Congress and political inertia will make it challenging

Africa’s broken food markets must be fixed to tackle hunger

A handful of large companies make big profits by controlling the food trade in Africa, while doing nothing to increase its climate resilience

Loggers can now restore cut-down forests for FSC green branding

Loggers can now gain the FSC green certification, as long as they restore the same amount of forests they have destroyed between 1994 and 2020

Lula will update Brazil’s ‘insufficient’ climate plans if elected: advisor

The former president will prioritise tackling deforestation if he wins the runoff against Jair Bolsonaro, says environment chief Izabella Teixeira

World leaders not invited to attend critical UN biodiversity summit

Tense relations between the Chinese presidency and host nation Canada put a “Paris Agreement for nature” further out of reach



International air travel set for ‘aspirational’ 2050 net zero goal

The International Civil Aviation Organization has agreed a 2050 net zero emissions goal for aviation but its credibility is in doubt

UK government touts ‘guilt-free flying’ on country’s hottest day on record

The “jet zero” strategy relies on future technology breakthroughs and rejects options to curb demand

Dutch government issues world-first cap on flights from European hub

Schiphol airport, the third busiest in Europe, will be required to limit traffic to below its pre-pandemic peak, to reduce pollution

UN body makes ‘breakthrough’ on carbon price proposal for shipping

After a decade of talks, there is consensus at the International Maritime Organization to put a price on shipping emissions – the next question is how high

Nigerian airlines win jet fuel subsidy after shutdown threat

After domestic airlines threatened to ground their planes, the government agreed to cover some of their rising fuel costs

Turkey opens laboratory to grow algae for jet fuel, in EU-backed clean aviation push

Ministers hope Turkish Airlines will make its first biofuelled flight by the end of 2022, but experts are sceptical algae can make much of a dent in aviation emissions

A race for lithium is sparking fears of water shortages in northern Argentina

The salt flats of Catamarca hold rich resources for a green revolution, but the impact of mining on water sources has nearby communities worried

US spending on airport expansion flies under the radar for climate activists

Public funding of $25 billion to airports generated little controversy despite flying’s outsized climate impact, in contrast to the European discourse



In numbers: The state of the climate ahead of Cop27

Emissions are still rising, pledges to 2030 put the world on track for 2.5C of warming but fossil fuel demand is nearing its peak

Odd couple bungle nature talks – Climate Weekly

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Researchers push to make polluters put carbon back in the ground

A team from Oxford University is trying to persuade governments to impose carbon capture and storage requirements on fossil fuel producers

Five burning climate issues for the 2022 UN general assembly

Pakistan’s catastrophic flooding and soaring energy bills are shaping the UN agenda – for those leaders who show up

African leaders blast European no-shows at climate adaptation summit

Presidents of Senegal, DRC and Ghana travelled to Rotterdam to talk about adapting to climate change. Only one European leader was there to meet them

Seen from space: Extreme drought dries up rivers across the globe

In China, Lake Poyang is just a quarter of its normal size, while in Germany, the Rhine is running at 45% of its average levels for August

Pakistan struggles to rebuild after deadly flash floods

At least 550 people died as the wettest month in three decades washed away mud houses in rural Balochistan – and international aid is not forthcoming

Between a wolf and its food: as one deep sea miner flops, others eye the prize

The Metals Company is running out of money, but the regulator is still fast-tracking rules to mine the ocean while other prospectors wait in the wings