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Researchers push to make polluters put carbon back in the ground

A team from Oxford University is trying to persuade governments to impose carbon capture and storage requirements on fossil fuel producers

Exploding an energy security myth – Climate Weekly

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Hurricane Ian could cost US $67bn in economic damages

The Category 4 hurricane, one of the most powerful to ever make landfall in the US, has destroyed homes, infrastructure and citrus farms

Nord Stream pipeline blowouts highlight vulnerability of fossil fuels

Oil and gas infrastructure has been repeatedly targeted in conflicts, making decentralised renewable energy such as solar panels more resilient

Scaling up renewables means big changes to electricity networks

Flexible storage and grid upgrades are key to integrating high volumes of renewable energy into electricity grids

Gap to 1.5C yawns, as most governments miss UN deadline to improve climate plans

Just a handful of major countries improved their climate pledges by the Cop26 team’s September 23 deadline

Compact for the climate frontlines – Climate Weekly

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Vanuatu backs fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty at UN general assembly

Vanuatu also sought support for its campaign to seek an opinion from the International Court of Justice on countries’ legal obligations to protect people from climate disasters

Mia Mottley builds global coalition to make financial system fit for climate action

In July, Barbados’ prime minister invited leaders to a retreat to discuss plans to scale-up international finance for the climate frontlines. Now, she’s asking the world for support

US under pressure to force out World Bank chief over climate doubt

David Malpass caused a global outcry for refusing to say whether he accepts the scientific consensus on climate change before rowing back on his comments



The fate of the Amazon rests on the outcome of Brazil’s election

Jair Bolsonaro dismantled social and environmental protections. Brazil’s next president must combat illegal activity and restore safeguards

When the EU and US score climate points off China, Africa suffers

Frans Timmermans and John Kerry are downplaying historic responsibility for the climate crisis. That’s a red flag for Africa

UN climate chief Simon Stiell: 2030 is only two Olympic finals away

The Grenadian veteran climate advocate told leaders there must be no backsliding at Cop27 as global emissions need to halve this decade

The queue that matters – Climate Weekly

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Five burning climate issues for the 2022 UN general assembly

Pakistan’s catastrophic flooding and soaring energy bills are shaping the UN agenda – for those leaders who show up

Copenhagen’s failure to meet 2025 net zero target casts doubt on other pledges

Copenhagen was the first city to launch a carbon neutrality plan in 2012, but has given up on its pledge due to a lack of CCS funding

Egyptian government denies Cop27 hotel price gouging

Hotels are blaming minimum room rates on the government, but Egyptian officials deny responsibility for cancelled bookings and price hikes

EU energy crisis plan: gas price renegotiation and windfall taxes

In her annual state of the union speech, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen set out major energy market interventions to manage high prices



Corporate pushback against climate action is getting desperate

Our UN-backed initiative was told we could be sued for saying new coal isn’t compatible with science-based targets. We need regulatory reform

UN chief: Windfall tax on oil and gas can pay for loss and damage

António Guterres told rich countries taxing fossil fuel companies’ record profits can fund vulnerable nations’ recovery from climate disasters

Denmark becomes first country to pledge ‘loss and damage’ finance

Rich countries have long resisted giving money specifically for the “loss and damage” that climate change is causing

Pakistani prime minister promises compensation to flood victims

The government will offer financial aid to those who lost homes and crops in Pakistan’s worst-ever floods, Shahbaz Sharif said

Five priorities for a meaningful post-2025 climate finance target

The quality of climate finance is as important as the quantity to rebuild trust after rich countries failed to deliver on their $100bn by 2020 target

Displaced by drought, climate migrants clash with Zimbabwe’s timber industry

After suffering from extreme drought, farmers have settled in timber plantations in eastern Zimbabwe, clashing with government and industry

Who will pay for Pakistan? – Climate Weekly

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African nations eye debt-for-climate swaps as IMF takes an interest

An IMF working paper argues in favour of swapping debt repayments for climate investments in debt-burdened nations – the issue is scale



‘Gigantic missed opportunity’: Chile rejects green constitution

The constitutional draft declared Chile an “ecological” state, recognised nature as a subject of rights and ordered the state to take actions against the climate crisis

G20 Bali meeting highlights Indonesia’s weak climate action

Campaigners are mounting a challenge against the government, arguing that insufficient climate action infringes on their human rights

Migrants on US-Mexican border suffer from extreme water scarcity

At migrant shelters in Reynosa, water is carefully rationed for thousands of people waiting for permission to pursue the American Dream

Colombia’s new president calls for debt swap to protect the Amazon

“We can turn the entire population of the Colombian Amazon into a population that cares for the forest, but we need the world’s funds to do it,” says Gustavo Petro

Hali Hewa episode 3: The indigenous experience

Cindy Kobei talks about growing up as an indigenous person in Kenya’s Mau Forest and what has changed with land rights issues and the climate crisis

Indian tribes fight to save forest homes from coal mining

In Hasdeo Aranya, indigenous people have been resisting coal mines for a decade and allege their consent for new projects has been forged

Chinese court rules bitcoin mining harms the climate

A judge in Beijing quashed a bitcoin contract on the basis it was not in the public interest, citing incompatibility with China’s carbon neutrality goal

Brazilian court world’s first to recognise Paris Agreement as human rights treaty

The Supreme Court ruling requires the Brazilian government to reactivate its climate fund and has implications for international law



Public procurement can play a bigger role in greening construction

The US and Saudi Arabia have joined a coalition to decarbonise steel and cement. Governments can help by driving demand for green products

Bedbugs, sh*t shows and algae hype: 5 reveals from Big Oil emails

A US congressional investigation into climate disinformation exposed the lobbying tactics of ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell

South Australia set to become first big grid to run on 100% renewables

South Australia’s gigawatt-scale electricity network is within touching distance of phasing out fossil fuel backup

Clean energy jobs overtake fossil fuel sector but wages lag behind

Employment is booming in electric vehicle production, building insulation and renewable power sectors, the International Energy Agency reports

Nigeria plans gas-led transition to full energy access and net zero emissions

The government is seeking an initial $10 billion to extend energy access to 90 million Nigerians with solar panels and a doubling of gas power generation this decade

We got fooled again: As big oil and gas cash in, Britons crippled by energy bills

Millions of Britons are paying an exorbitant price for successive governments’ short-termist decisions that prolonged our dependence on fossil fuel

Oil not charcoal the biggest threat to Congo rainforest, top researcher warns

Stop blaming poor communities for deforestation, urges author of upcoming FAO report, warning oil exploration could set off a “giant carbon bomb”

British company forces Italy to pay €190m for offshore oil ban

Rockhopper used the Energy Charter Treaty to sue the Italian government for foregone profits and plans to invest the compensation in further drilling



Africa food crisis: Bill Gates and smallholders see different solutions

Fertiliser prices have risen by 300% since Russia invaded Ukraine, beyond the reach of smallholders, yet philanthropists see them as key to increasing yields

Sri Lanka food crisis has its roots in the globalisation of the 1970s

The Rajapaksa regime deserved to be banished, but today’s hunger stems from decades of choosing global markets over self-sufficiency

Mystery solved: Chinese elephant trek exposes conservation failures

A herd of “cute” wandering elephants went viral last year as they trekked across China, but UN researchers cite their unusual journey as cause for concern

Seen from space: Extreme drought dries up rivers across the globe

In China, Lake Poyang is just a quarter of its normal size, while in Germany, the Rhine is running at 45% of its average levels for August

‘We are not ready’: Divisions deepen over rush to finalise deep sea mining rules

A growing number of countries are backing calls for a moratorium on mining the oceans’ floor but the UN body responsible is pushing to greenlight the industry in 2023

Between a wolf and its food: as one deep sea miner flops, others eye the prize

The Metals Company is running out of money, but the regulator is still fast-tracking rules to mine the ocean while other prospectors wait in the wings

My people have lived in the Amazon for 6,000 years: You need to listen to us

As the planet warms and biodiversity collapses, those encouraging and profiting from the destruction of the Earth must be charged with ecocide

Campaigners call on António Guterres to rescue ‘imperilled’ biodiversity deal

With five months to the critical summit, a “Paris Agreement for nature” is floundering as finance and political leadership fall short



UK government touts ‘guilt-free flying’ on country’s hottest day on record

The “jet zero” strategy relies on future technology breakthroughs and rejects options to curb demand

Dutch government issues world-first cap on flights from European hub

Schiphol airport, the third busiest in Europe, will be required to limit traffic to below its pre-pandemic peak, to reduce pollution

UN body makes ‘breakthrough’ on carbon price proposal for shipping

After a decade of talks, there is consensus at the International Maritime Organization to put a price on shipping emissions – the next question is how high

Nigerian airlines win jet fuel subsidy after shutdown threat

After domestic airlines threatened to ground their planes, the government agreed to cover some of their rising fuel costs

Turkey opens laboratory to grow algae for jet fuel, in EU-backed clean aviation push

Ministers hope Turkish Airlines will make its first biofuelled flight by the end of 2022, but experts are sceptical algae can make much of a dent in aviation emissions

A race for lithium is sparking fears of water shortages in northern Argentina

The salt flats of Catamarca hold rich resources for a green revolution, but the impact of mining on water sources has nearby communities worried

US spending on airport expansion flies under the radar for climate activists

Public funding of $25 billion to airports generated little controversy despite flying’s outsized climate impact, in contrast to the European discourse

UN shipping body agrees voluntary measures to cut black carbon in the Arctic

At the International Maritime Organization (IMO) meeting, countries urged ship operators to switch to cleaner fuels in Arctic waters



African leaders blast European no-shows at climate adaptation summit

Presidents of Senegal, DRC and Ghana travelled to Rotterdam to talk about adapting to climate change. Only one European leader was there to meet them

Pakistan struggles to rebuild after deadly flash floods

At least 550 people died as the wettest month in three decades washed away mud houses in rural Balochistan – and international aid is not forthcoming

Heat and humidity gets dangerous to health sooner than most people realise

Lab tests show that the human body’s core temperature starts to rise at lower wet bulb temperatures than the theoretical safety limit

Hali Hewa episode 2: Climate science

Youba Sokona, a distinguished climate scientist from Mali, talks about his journey and what the science says about Africa’s needs

It’s time to put Indigenous Peoples first at the UN biodiversity talks

As talks on a global deal to protect nature begin in Nairobi, Kenya, countries need to create a new conservation designation for Indigenous Peoples’ land

Nature restoration and carbon removal are not the same. Here’s why it matters

Planting trees is a key pillar in the fight against climate change but it’s no substitute for permanently removing carbon dioxide from the air

German minister backs Middle East ‘peace through water’ plan

The proposals aim to harness solar power to bring drinking water to Palestinian territories but Israel’s support is needed

Former presidents of Mexico, Niger, Kiribati join commission to tackle overshoot risks

The Climate Overshoot Commission will explore controversial options to cope with global heating in excess of the 2C Paris limit