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Climate movement must switch on to UAE threat

The UAE’s authoritarian rulers needs oil and gas revenues to placate their people and keep themselves in power

Amazon gateway city Belém will host Cop30 climate talks

Brazil’s president Lula said Belém will host Cop30 so that delegates from around the world can learn about the nearby Amazon rainforest.

Drought victims let down – Climate Weekly

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Japan joins anti-plastic coalition ahead of Paris treaty talks, leaving US isolated

After Japan joined the high ambition coalition against plastics production, the US is now the only major developed country not a member

Governments fall short in UN’s East Africa drought appeal

Donor countries promised only a third of the $7bn the UN was appealing for to provide humanitarian aid to drought-stricken Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

UN advises against offsets for carbon removal technologies

Billions of dollars are pouring into tech-based solutions to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but the UNFCCC says they are unproven and pose unknown risks.

World Bank body delays vote on controversial loan to Brazilian dairy firm

Campaigners say the $32m loan to dairy firm Alvoar Lacteos could damage forests in Brazil

UK sued over plan to import more polluting Australian beef

Campaigners are challenging the UK government over its assessment of environmental impacts of a trade deal with Australia

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Restrictions on energy firm’s borrowing complicates South Africa’s energy transition

The South African government has told cash-strapped power company Eskom it can’t invest in new electricity generation



G7 calls on all countries to reach net zero by 2050

The call sparked accusations of “climate apartheid” as it does not differentiate between rich and poor nations

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Climate Weekly

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UAE appoints fossil fuels execs and climate campaigners as Cop28 advisers

The group will “provide guidance and counsel” to the Cop28 presidency this year and beyond

Top German energy official resigns after favoritism allegations

The mastermind of Germany’s energy transition, Patrick Graichen has been accused of cronyism in the appointment process of a think-tank.

UAE invites Syria’s Assad to Cop28 in latest rehabilitation push

The Syrian regime has been accused of committing war crimes during a decade-long civil war. Western nations have criticised efforts to restore diplomatic relations.

Deja Vu – Climate Weekly

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Cop28 moots oil and gas initiative despite greenwash accusations

Critics say a focus on just the emissions from producing oil and gas not consuming it is a distraction and that similar initatives have not worked

Paris agreement’s police force begins with rebuke to Vatican

The Pope’s home state has not yet issued a climate plan, which is against the rules of the Paris Agreement it ratified last year



Verra boss steps down after criticism of its carbon credits

The carbon credit certifier has both grown rapidly and faced mounting integrity accusations during outgoing CEO’s tenure.

Study: Fossil fuel firms owe $209bn a year for climate damage

A multi-billion dollar reparations scheme has been proposed for fossil fuel companies to atone for the damage caused by their greenhouse gas emissions

US backs Indonesian oil refinery despite pledge to end fossil fuel finance

The US has been accused of “breaking” a key climate financing commitment by approving almost $100m in support for an overseas fossil fuel project

Verra’s revamped forest offset programme comes under fire

Verra picked a controversial carbon credit verifier to review its new forest offset rules and critics say the changes don’t fix the problem

Germany promises €2bn to global Green Climate Fund

The pledge sets the bar for other wealthy countries and puts the fund on track for what it calls a “mid” level of ambition

Cop28 boss slams rich nations “dismal” $100bn finance failure

Developed nations should have met the climate finance commitment in 2020. But they are still not there.

Mitsubishi bets on carbon removal while keeping coal plants

Japanese engineering giant Mitsubishi has announced a major investment in carbon removal technology, despite continuing to run fossil fuel power plants.

US pledges $1 billion to Green Climate Fund amid call to keep 1.5C in reach

Joe Biden urged leaders of major emitting economies to step up efforts to roll out zero-emission vehicles, cut methane emissions and deploy carbon capture technologies



Pressure builds on Council of Europe to put right to healthy environment in law

The Council of Europe will discuss the right to a healthy environment at a “historic” upcoming leaders summit in Reykjavik

Campaigners sue EU for labelling gas sustainable

Four environmental groups are taking the EU Commission to the European Court of Justice over some gas plant’s inclusion in its green taxonomy

European court hears landmark lawsuits that could shape climate policy

The European Court of Human Rights has heard its first two lawsuits on climate change, brought against the governments of Switzerland and France.

International Court of Justice to advise states on climate duties: ‘A turning point for climate justice’

The United Nations has ordered the International Court of Justice to advise states on their legal responsibilities on climate change, following a global initiative led by Vanuatu

Carbon credit rule-makers must engage Indigenous People

Indigenous people protect the forests but the organisation writing up a rule-book for high-quality carbon offsets has not adequately consulted them

Climate in court: The Paris Agreement’s role in safeguarding human rights 

The European court on Human Rights will rule on whether climate inaction breaches human rights and the case will have global implications

Nations fight to be called climate vulnerable in IPCC report

Being recognised as partiuclarly vulnerable can help countries access climate finance and plan adaptation strategies

Nature’s stewards under attack – Climate Weekly

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Rich nations “understanding” of South African delay to coal plant closures

Despite a multi-billion dollars clean energy transition deal, South Africa expects to keep coal plants running for longer while it battles electricity blackouts.

Regulator blocks Brazilian oil drilling, sparking conflict within government

While President Lula’s environment minister Marina Silva supported the decision, Lula ally Randolfe Rodrigues vowed to oppose it

France proposes tax credits for green technology

France will spend €500m a year on tax credits for wind and solar power, heat pumps and batteries funded by a tax rise on carbon-intensive fuels

Local business group tries to keep South Africa’s coal plants alive

A business coalition in South Africa’s energy heartland is fighting against plans to shut down coal plants.

Nations split over fossil fuels and carbon capture

An agenda-setting gathering of climate ministers saw continuing disagreement over the need for fossil fuels phase-out and the role of technology

Europe’s push for global renewables target gains support

The UAE has backed the EU’s call to set a global target for the renewable roll-out at the Cop28 climate talks

India mulls end to coal plant construction

If approved by the cabinet, India’s new electricity policy would end the construction of new coal-fired power plants after the planned 28 GW are built

Exxon scrambles to save investments before Colombia bans fracking

The company is looking at how to get some money back despite Gustavo Petro’s government looking to ban it from fracking in Colombia



China and Brazil to cooperate in stopping illegal trade fueling deforestation

Brazil’s president, Lula da Silva, met with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping in China and announced new collaborations to control illegal deforestation.

Revealed: How Shell cashed in on dubious carbon offsets from Chinese rice paddies

Shell’s rice farming offset projects are under review. Climate Home found them riddled with accounting loopholes and questionable integrity claims.

Biden promises to “work with Congress” to fund Amazon protection

With Jair Bolsonaro out of power, one obstacle to US funding for Amazon rainforest protection has gone – but Republicans in Congress could still block funding.

France seeks EU loophole for French Guiana to power space sector with biofuels

Campaigners have warned the exemption risks setting an incentive for increased logging in Europe’s corner of the Amazon forest.

Brazil launches first raids against Amazon tree-cutters under Lula’s new government

Brazil’s new government is already having an impact on deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, an environmental enforcement agent claimed

Lula revives $1 billion Amazon Fund and environmental protections

On his first day in office as Brazil’s president, Lula da Silva signed a package of seven executive orders to protect the environment

Cost of a KitKat: Big brands leave sugar farmers at the mercy of climate extremes

Nestlé, Coca Cola and Pepsi are among the buyers from Nanglamal Sugar Complex, which smallholders say gives no help with climate resilience

India’s female cane cutters face child marriage and hysterectomy

Women and girls in India’s sugar fields are exposed to sexual harassment, backbreaking work and inadequate healthcare



Airlines plot fight-back against France’s short-haul flights ban

The aviation industry plans to argue that banning short-haul flights is ineffective and impinges on EU citizens’ right to travel between countries

Momentum grows towards 2050 zero carbon shipping target

Nigeria, Chile and Vietnam are among countries now backing a stronger climate goal for international shipping, but cost concerns remain

International air travel set for ‘aspirational’ 2050 net zero goal

The International Civil Aviation Organization has agreed a 2050 net zero emissions goal for aviation but its credibility is in doubt

UK government touts ‘guilt-free flying’ on country’s hottest day on record

The “jet zero” strategy relies on future technology breakthroughs and rejects options to curb demand

Dutch government issues world-first cap on flights from European hub

Schiphol airport, the third busiest in Europe, will be required to limit traffic to below its pre-pandemic peak, to reduce pollution

UN body makes ‘breakthrough’ on carbon price proposal for shipping

After a decade of talks, there is consensus at the International Maritime Organization to put a price on shipping emissions – the next question is how high

Nigerian airlines win jet fuel subsidy after shutdown threat

After domestic airlines threatened to ground their planes, the government agreed to cover some of their rising fuel costs

Turkey opens laboratory to grow algae for jet fuel, in EU-backed clean aviation push

Ministers hope Turkish Airlines will make its first biofuelled flight by the end of 2022, but experts are sceptical algae can make much of a dent in aviation emissions



Reporting on climate adaptation is a mess – here’s how to fix it

Information about projects to help adapt to climate change is scattered, hard-to-find and incomplete, making keeping track of them impossible

“Life or death”: Weather-watchers warn against Elon Musk’s Twitter changes

Elon Musk is charging for automated tweets, making it harder for authorities to warn of extreme weather events

Governments battle over carbon removal and renewables in IPCC report

While the Saudis pushed carbon capture and storage technology, Europeans fought for wind and solar to be talked up in the report.

The IPCC’s climate scientists have done their job – now we must do ours

As citizens, we must educate and inspire our peers to act on climate change through positive and empowering campaigns

IPCC highlights rich nations’ failure to help developing world adapt to climate change

Scientists say funding needs to increase ‘many-fold’ in order to reach climate goals and protect communities disproportionately affected by global warming

Chinese coal boom a ‘direct threat’ to 1.5C goal, analysts warn

Energy security fears prompted Beijing to rapidly accelerate coal power plans last year, raising concerns about the country’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions

Study: IPCC asks emerging countries to drop coal faster than rich nations did

A new study has found that most energy transition models ask nations like China, India and South Africa to cut coal use twice as fast as developed countries ever did.

Breakthrough for nature protection – Climate Weekly

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