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Drought and water mismanagement spark deadly protests in Iran

The driest conditions in 53 years have brought chronic mismanagement of water resources to crisis point, with at least eight people killed in protests against the regime

South Africa proposes global goal for adaptation at pre-Cop26 ministerial

Environment minister Barbara Creecy called for quantifiable improvements in resilience to climate impacts, to give the adaptation agenda the same weight as emissions cuts

G20 climate and energy ministers split over coal exit

China, Russia and India are among countries resisting a timeline to phase out coal power generation, leaving it to leaders to resolve the impasse

Indonesia to burn coal well into the 2050s, under updated climate plan

The world’s second biggest coal producing country is depending on carbon capture to keep the industry alive in its “low carbon” scenario

Preparing for the unprecedented – Climate Weekly

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Record-breaking rain fills Chinese subway, drowning twelve people

Flooding in the central province of Henan can be linked to human influence on the climate, but Chinese media is not making the connection

Fatal floods expose gaps in Germany’s disaster preparedness

While heavy rain was forecast, infrastructure was overwhelmed and many residents did not get the message about the dangers

After 20 years, talks on scrapping fishing subsidies enter final stretch

The World Trade Organization is nearing a deal to end harmful fishing subsidies, but exemptions for developing countries could give China a pass

Chileans look to new constitution to return water to communities

Rural communities hope the drafting of a new constitution will dismantle water privatisation in Chile and recognise the right to access water

Fit for the climate crisis? – Climate Weekly

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Developing nations put numbers on the table for the next climate finance goal

Nearly 100 developing countries have come together to define what success means at Cop26, raising the stakes for donor countries to step up their finance pledges

G20 backs carbon pricing, ‘raising stakes’ among emerging economies

The EU’s threatened carbon tariff on imports has spurred trading partners like Indonesia and Turkey to consider making polluters pay at home

Beyond firefighting the ocean – Climate Weekly

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South Africa’s climate advisers urge faster shift away from fossil fuels

The climate commission has called on the government to step up its 2030 climate goal – which some advisers say will require ending new coal and gas projects

Delivering an inclusive Cop26 in the age of Covid-19 requires more than vaccines

Even vaccinated, negotiators from vulnerable nations face logistical and financial barriers to travel to Glasgow amid border closures and quarantine measures

Flawed forest protection – Climate Weekly

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Canadian minister Catherine McKenna to quit politics and focus on climate change

Catherine McKenna introduced climate legislation as Canada’s environment minister and will step down at the next election before October 2023

UK government opens registration for Cop26 participants to apply for vaccines

The race is on for delegates to the next UN climate summit to register for a Covid vaccine by 23 July, offered by the UK hosts to enable more people to participate



EU’s border tax gives countries 5 years to clean up industries or face penalties

Unpopular among the bloc’s trading partners, countries are seeking exemptions to the carbon levy, as Brussels hints alternatives to pricing may be considered to dodge the tax

Argentina pitches green debt swap, with the Pope’s blessing

Pope Francis is the unlikely champion of a pioneering green debt relief plan for Argentina, but it is a politically sensitive issue in his home country

G20 ministers must scale up climate finance in solidarity with vulnerable countries

As environment ministers for Costa Rica and Grenada, we call on the G20 to give our countries a fair shot at a resilient Covid recovery

As Elsa heralds a busy hurricane season, Caribbean states count on resilience plans

After the devastating impacts of Hurricane Maria in 2017, Caribbean islands invested in measures to help communities bounce back from extreme weather

Row erupts at Green Climate Fund over who defines climate adaptation

Two adaptation projects didn’t make it pass the UN’s flagship fund’s technical panel, while board members decide to partner with a fossil fuel backing Japanese bank

‘Hot air’ carbon offset scheme undermines Colombia’s climate goal, experts warn

Colombia stands to lose $62m in carbon tax revenue and underperform its emissions targets due to flawed forest carbon credit projects, investigators claim

Norway pays Gabon $17m for forest protection despite deforestation spike

While proponents say results-based payments can support forest protection in the long term, critics say the Gabonese government has done little to earn the money

Climate fund considers India, South Africa to pilot $2bn coal transition scheme

Climate Investment Funds CEO Mafalda Duarte has been tasked with mobilising private capital to help wean developing countries off coal and create cleaner jobs



Shell court ruling is a wake-up call for governments to end fossil fuel support

Government-based public finance institutions that support new fossil fuel projects face the risk of climate litigation, lawyers warn

Paris deal enters boardrooms – Climate Weekly

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Shell ordered to slash emissions 45% by 2030 in historic court ruling

This is the first time a company has been held legally liable for its contribution to climate change – setting a precedent for future lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry

Youth activists prank Standard Chartered in critique of coal lending policy

Fridays for Future activists donned false moustaches in a stunt to put pressure on Standard Chartered to stop financing fossil fuels

How youth climate court cases became a global trend

From the rise of the youth plaintiff to greenwashing claims, Climate Home News explores the major trends in climate litigation

Top court rules German climate law falls short, in ‘historic’ victory for youth

In a surprise verdict, Germany’s highest court found that government climate targets violate the freedoms of youth plaintiffs by deferring emissions cuts

Total’s play for Ugandan oil tests the climate commitment of international banks

A final investment decision on the East African Crude Oil Pipeline is expected at the end of March, as campaigners urge financial institutions to avoid fossil fuels

Climate Home News seeks pitches for climate justice reporting programme

Send us your story ideas about how communities on the frontlines of climate change are building resilience and confronting injustice



Ocean fire raises questions about US support for Mexico’s oil and gas industry

US export credit agency Exim bank has provided $16.14 billion in loans and guarantees to Pemex since 1998, with recent funds going to the site of the fire

Ocean fire exposes weak regulation of Mexico’s oil and gas sector

After ‘eye of fire’ footage goes viral, Pemex denies its ruptured gas pipe caused environmental damage and campaigners demand an investigation

China’s biggest bank is ditching Zimbabwe coal plant, campaigners say

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China told environmentalists in a meeting last month they would not go ahead with the 2.8GW Sengwa coal plant

Canada’s next climate plan must finally address its blind spot: oil and gas emissions

Justin Trudeau cannot claim to be a climate leader while championing a high-carbon industry; it’s time for a managed decline of oil production

India’s biggest oil refiner to invest $10bn in clean energy ‘gigafactories’

Reliance Industries plans to mass produce solar panels, renewable hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries in Jamnagar, alongside the world’s largest oil refinery

Infrared images show under-regulated ‘methane crisis’ across Europe

Campaigners found 120 cases of methane leakage and venting from oil and gas infrastructure in seven European countries

By greenwashing Shell, the Science Museum is failing young people

As a biology and chemistry student I love London’s Science Museum, but its acceptance of oil sponsorship for a climate change exhibition is inexcusable

Norway eyes expansion of oil and gas industry under policy proposal

The government wants to hand out more exploration licences – ignoring modelling that shows fossil fuel expansion must end now to meet global climate goals



DR Congo plans to lift logging moratorium amid forest protection talks

The government is ending a decade-old ban on new forestry concessions, to the horror of campaigners who say the move is incompatible with climate targets

UN draft accord sets out new biodiversity goals but delivery plan is lacking

Experts welcomed the proposed targets to protect and restore nature, but said without funding and national accountability they would achieve little

Flooding and drought fuels mental health crisis in Kenya

Many Kenyans are suffering post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety after being hit by extreme weather, but lack access to mental health services

Biodiversity talks are running out of time for robust deal, says top diplomat

Pandemic delays and gruelling online talks threaten the ambition of a Kunming global pact to protect nature due to be finalised in October

Brazil’s environment minister investigated for illegal logging cover-up

The Supreme Court authorised the federal police to investigate Ricardo Salles over suspicions of a ‘serious scheme’ to facilitate the export of illegal timber out of Brazil

Southern Madagascar at risk of famine amid worst drought in 40 years

UN agencies are urgently calling for international support as a million Madagascans go hungry, with some surviving on insects and wild roots

US, UK and Norway launch $1bn initiative to protect tropical forests

The Leaf Coalition aims to mobilise $1 billion of public and private finance this year to cut emissions from deforestation and forest degradation

Pakistan explores debt-for-nature scheme to accelerate its 10 billion tree tsunami

Creditors could grant Pakistan debt relief in exchange for meeting nature restoration targets, under a proposed first-of-its-kind bond



Pacific islands make lonely case for carbon price on shipping

The Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands called for a price on shipping pollution at the UN body, but got only tepid support from European nations

With Indonesia’s answer to Elon Musk in jail, electric vehicles are going nowhere

Electric vehicle pioneer Dasep Ahmadi was imprisoned over a failed experiment, with a chilling effect on innovation

It took the Suez Canal crisis to highlight the scale of the polluting shipping sector

The growing global shipping fleet is increasing the sector’s climate and environmental impacts. To rein it in, we need a global carbon price for shipping

How the shipping industry can halve climate-warming black carbon in the Arctic

Switching to cleaner shipping fuel would prevent Arctic warming and deliver an easy win for the climate

Mauritius oil spill: questions mount over ship fuel safety

More than six months after the Wakashio spilled fuel oil into a pristine lagoon, Mauritians are still waiting for answers and compensation

UK Supreme Court lifts ban on Heathrow airport third runway 

Heathrow still faces major obstacles to carry out its expansion plans, in light of the UK’s 2050 net zero target and uncertain future demand

EU urged to address aviation’s full climate impact, including non-CO2 emissions

Air travel is heating the climate at approximately three times the rate of the sector’s carbon dioxide emissions alone, report finds, with major policy implications

As UN action on ship emissions falls short, attention turns to regions

The International Maritime Organization set minimal curbs on shipping’s 1Gt carbon footprint this decade. Here’s how the EU, US and China could decarbonise the sector



Europe’s floods hit my childhood home, sweeping away my parents’ sense of safety

As a researcher, I want to bridge the gap between weather forecasts and warning systems so people can take protective action

North American heatwave broke records – and the climate models

Climate scientists were shocked by the recent lethal heatwaves in western Canada and northwestern US, which exceeded all global heating predictions

An outbreak of ‘sea snot’ is killing Turkey’s fishing industry

Fishing in the Marmara Sea has become impossible as marine mucilage blankets the water, blamed on rising sea temperatures and pollution

NASA launches mission to better predict climate impacts

Using advanced satellite technology, the programme aims to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery by better monitoring storms and ice sheet melts

Lost to sea: The Ivory Coast villagers saving their ancestors from rising waves

As rising sea levels slowly engulf the ancestral graves of a fishing community in Ivory Coast, residents are moving their relatives before their bodies are lost forever

Facebook fuels climate misinformation online, report finds

Facebook says it is tackling misinformation with a global network of independent fact checking partners but campaigners say it is not enough to contain misleading posts

Fossil fuels on notice – Climate Weekly

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Germany launches $1 billion biodiversity fund after world misses targets

The Legacy Landscape Fund aims to mobilise public and private finance to support an ambitious nature protection deal at this October’s Kunming summit