IEA develops pathway to ambitious 1.5C climate goal

Under pressure, the International Energy Agency has started work on a scenario in line with the toughest target of the Paris Agreement for its influential outlook

Europe’s largest solar plant unveiled amid Spanish renewable rebirth

€300 million investment plan comes amid buoyant optimism for Spain’s long suffering solar sector

Australia’s coal communities, ignored by Labor, deliver brutal election defeat

In a stunning upset, voters returned the pro-coal government, prompting soul-searching among Australia’s left wing parties

Germany to miss 2030 climate goal without coal phase out

Unless action is taken across the economy, the country will miss emissions goal by wide margin, government report shows

Australian voters can’t trust the Coalition on climate and energy

The current government has only shown contempt for meaningful climate policy and renewable energy – why would they change now?

Cement giant Heidelberg pledges carbon neutral concrete by 2050

In a first for the sector, the world’s fourth largest maker said it would cut emissions in line with Paris climate goals

Multiple coal deals emerge from China’s ‘green’ investment summit

At the belt and road summit in Beijing, leaders talked up sustainable development, while investors forged ahead with polluting power projects in partner countries

China promotes ‘green’ belt and road, but is pressured over coal investments

More than 30 heads of state arrive in Beijing to court its massive outward investment plan, but the UN chief and others warn the investments must be sustainable


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New York City bans inefficient glass skyscrapers, WA state to end coal

New York mayor announces sweeping climate change programme, while Washington’s power will be carbon-neutral by 2030

EU, China agree to work together on clean energy

After a Brussels summit dominated by trade tensions, the two major powers presented a united front on climate change and clean energy

Energy and oil majors turn to rural Africa in grab for world’s next billion customers

Once basic energy is established in disconnected regions, the companies that supply it hope to cash in on demand for a slew of new products and services

Burning wood for power breaches EU treaty, new lawsuit claims

Plaintiffs from six European countries and the US argue biomass does more harm than good and should be not be counted as a renewable energy source

Germany can end coal power much earlier than 2038

The market can deliver much faster end to coal power than proposed last week, but it needs a confident signal from the German government

Empty car shows and stalled solar as sanctions keep Iran dirty

Innovation flees after Trump reimposes sanctions, environmentalists and government say that puts the country on a dangerous path

Exxon knows renewables are cheaper, even if Trump doesn’t

The US is pushing fossil fuels at UN climate talks, but prices for clean energy have tumbled so fast even oil companies are investing in renewables

Hungary wants end to coal power by 2030

‘Sky-rocketing’ EU carbon prices could mean Hungary is the first country in eastern Europe to set an exit date for the most polluting fossil fuel

Renewable energy

Fossil Fuels

‘A town needs its self-respect’: new coal mine to open in the UK

Coal mining left Whitehaven in 1986, now it is about to return, bringing promises of jobs and division

Courts must curb greenhouse gas emissions to protect our liberty

In a court case in Oregon, we argue climate change is destroying our natural spaces and impinging on our constitutional right to freedom

Global energy agency asked to stop normalising dangerous climate change

60 business leaders, scientists and investors call on the International Energy Agency to reframe its annual report to promote a path to climate safety

Indonesian VP candidate named in alleged coal scam

Sandiaga Uno may have personally benefited from payments made by one of Indonesia’s biggest coal miners to an offshore firm he owned, Global Witness says

Saudi Aramco says climate lawsuits ‘could result in substantial costs’

The world’s largest oil producer made more money than Apple and Alphabet combined last year, but the company sees litigation and clean tech as threats

Southeast Europeans ignore EU rules with €2.4bn coal subsidies

The EU’s Energy Community neighbours ‘systematically turn a blind eye’ to its state aid rules, a report by the secretariat finds

Germany ready to join global coal phase-out alliance: environment minister

Now its coal commission has recommended a 2038 exit date, Germany can join a global alliance to end coal burning, Svenja Schulze tells Taz newspaper

Turkish supreme court blocks coal plant, as wave of new projects stalls

Local opposition won a legal ruling against a major project on the Black Sea coast – the latest challenge to Turkey’s plans to expand coal use

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Brexit: Avoiding the nuclear fallout

UK government report card on replacing the EU’s atomic energy community shows progress, but no deal on March 29 still threatens power and medical supply

UK offers green assurances for no-deal Brexit

London says it will carry over EU emissions rules for cars, coolants and industrial plants even if it crashes out in March with no negotiated deal

US launches nuclear initiative to cut carbon with Canada, Japan, UK

While the Trump administration generally avoids discussion of climate change, it is participating in a coalition to promote “clean, reliable” nuclear power

Wind, solar costs undercut new coal plants in South Africa

Wind and solar power are 40% cheaper than new coal generation today, analysis of government data shows

Atomic politics: UK mends China links with Hinkley deal

Choosing your power source should come down science and economics, but as the UK’s Hinkley saga shows it’s also a deeply political game

Atomic shambles: UK nuclear plans need urgent rethink

Planned celebrations by the nuclear industry were cancelled last week following the shock decision to put the world’s largest electricity project on hold

Could every UK town have a small nuclear reactor?

Industry poll shows that backing from the UK government is seen as a beacon of hope for a new breed of small nuclear reactors

Can nuclear really deliver 25% of global electricity by 2050?

Despite a record-breaking year of global nuclear construction in 2015, a report by the industry recognises that it still faces unresolved problems and uncertainties

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Asian Development Bank signals end to ‘dirty’ coal finance

Falling renewable energy costs and a shadow carbon price are making coal power investments unviable, according to bank energy chief Yongping Zhai

UK government refuses to commit to EU clean energy targets after Brexit

The UK helped craft a deal on EU renewable and energy efficiency ambition but its participation after it leaves the union is uncertain

EU decides on non-binding 2030 energy efficiency target

Deal between lawmakers and ministers will cut energy waste 32.5% and reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports, but didn’t go far enough for green groups

EU closes in on clean energy package, with Spain, Italy joining push for higher targets

The EU is near agreement on measures to put its 2030 climate target into action, with a meeting of energy ministers on Monday swinging towards more ambition

EU climate laws undermined by Polish and Czech revolt, documents reveal

As the world looks to the EU for leadership on climate, eastern states are diluting laws supposed to guide Europe toward its carbon reduction targets

Energy efficiency becomes breakthrough issue in French election

All five leading candidates in France’s presidential election have made prominent energy efficiency pledges, now UK Labour have followed suit

World is well placed to stay under 2C – if we have carbon capture

“We are broadly in the right starting position to keep warming below 2C,” but most models require carbon capture to meet the Paris goal, researchers say

UNEP: global climate action “still not good enough”

Greenhouse gas emissions need to fall a further 25% from projected levels in 2030 to meet 2C global warming limit, says report