As voices for the planet grow louder, UN Environment must respond

Incoming UN green chief says that growing pressure from people across the world means the organisation must redouble its efforts

EU leaders keep saying climate is a priority. Here’s something they can do

The European Investment Bank is the world’s largest multilateral lender and it keeps funding fossil fuels. Next week EU finance ministers can change that

I am a denier. A human extinction denier

The rhetoric of extinction and emergency does not adequately describe the situation we find ourselves in and is counter-productive

Children made climate an election issue. Now we’ll target banks that fuel fossils

The EU election showed voters have heard the school strikers’ call for action. But will the public institutions that finance coal, oil and gas projects also listen?

‘This is bigger’: Palestinian and Israeli teens strike together for the climate

At a climate march in Jerusalem, students put hatred aside to tell the government that nothing matters more than a safe climate

Why school strikers are guest editing Climate Home News

It’s time we heard more from those who will live longest with the climate crisis

Until Russia allows us to rise together, I will strike for the climate alone

Unapproved protests of more than one person are illegal, so Arshak Makichyan has picketed solo in Pushkin Square for months to call for climate action

New Zealand’s farmers have a chance to be climate leaders

A separate target for methane from sheep and cattle has been painted as a sop to farmers; on the contrary, it puts the onus on the sector to curb warming


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Australian voters can’t trust the Coalition on climate and energy

The current government has only shown contempt for meaningful climate policy and renewable energy – why would they change now?

Venice floods show Europe needs sustainable finance to avoid disaster

A meeting in Geneva this week is a chance for a long-overdue conversation between disaster risk and sustainable finance experts

Germany must lead efforts to revive international climate action

As host of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue this week, Chancellor Angela Merkel has a key role to play in keeping the Paris Agreement alive

We, the climate generation, demand the G7 set an example

Young people will bear the brunt of your inaction, we need the ministers of the largest economies to lead

The Paris Agreement always needed Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg

Even as governments agreed the ambitious goals of the 2015 global pact, it was clear citizens would have to mobilise to hold them to their promises

We need a Green New Deal for Europe

A European sustainability pact, massive investments and the EU’s full regulatory power will be needed to address the climate crisis, writes Michel Barnier

Have hope, humanity is finding ways to defeat climate change

In a new book, Ed Davey finds examples the world can follow to respond to the moral calls from activists Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg

One billion without power need new World Bank president to keep faith

As the bank welcomes its new boss, he must fulfil its mission to prevent climate change by bringing clean energy to those currently in the dark

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Elon Musk’s disaster capitalism

The entreprenuer has made a habit of intervening in crises, particularly climate-related ones, but it’s a high wire act

Climate Home News is seeking a full-time reporter

We are expanding our award-winning team and we want a tenacious, ambitious journalist to join us in London. Applications close Monday, August 6

Climate Home News is offering two African reporting fellowships

We are looking for two African journalists to report deeply on the effects of climate change and climate science on the continent’s development

Climate Home News wins online media award

At a prestigious UK journalism awards ceremony, CHN was named best specialist or local news site of 2018, beating bigger rivals like BBC East of England

A bottle of brandy that Trump won’t leave the Paris deal. Any takers?

Trump’s US remains firmly in the Paris climate deal. Richard Black reckons that’s how it will stay and he’s prepared to put his brandy where his mouth is

One kilometre along the Arctic sea ice – my hardest ever swim

When Lewis Pugh finished his 22-minute, awareness-raising swim his hands were so frozen he hand to grip onto his photographer with his teeth

Trump schedules Paris announcement for 3pm Thursday

Join our live blog from around 2pm ET (7pm BST) for updates from the US and around the world as Trump makes his decision on the Paris accord

To save communities from rising seas, we must open our ears

As modernity creeps into Tanna, Vanuatu, climate change is just one of many new challenges. We cannot fight the former without understanding the whole