About us

At Climate Home News, we believe quality climate journalism can change the world for the better.
Here’s how we play our part.


We deliver original journalism that informs and inspires action to tackle the global climate crisis.

We do this by:

• Reporting and analysing major developments in international climate action

• Exploring tensions between competing interests and values

• Exposing wrongdoing or obstruction and holding power to account

• Amplifying the voices of those hardest hit by the climate crisis

• Highlighting transformative action from across society and the economy


Climate change is the biggest story of our time.

Climate Home News aims to be the go-to media outlet for a global community of doers and thinkers seeking to understand the political, social and economic drivers of the climate crisis and climate action.


  1. Collaboration: We are open, honest and responsive in our communication, understanding how our roles and responsibilities fit together, while recognising that as a small organisation we all have to pitch in sometimes.
  2. Rigour: We uphold our reputation as a trusted source of information by checking facts carefully and asking the right questions, while treating readers, sources and colleagues with respect.
  3. International outlook: We source stories from around the world, including underreported regions and multilateral forums, to serve a global readership.
  4. Integrity: We uphold the independence of our editorial and tell the stories that need to be told, without fear or favour.
  5. Originality: We take the initiative and find stories others miss.
  6. Supportiveness: We are open-minded and seek to learn from each other as we take on new challenges. We seek out partners with whom we can form mutually beneficial partnerships.
  7. Ambition: The urgency of the climate crisis demands that we all bring energy and focus to fulfilling our mission.

The Team


Megan Darby is the editor of Climate Home News. She previously wrote about UK energy and water industries for leading sector publication Utility Week. She holds a mathematics degree from Newcastle University.

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Chloé Farand is Climate Home News’ senior reporter. Her work has appeared in national publications including the Guardian, the Independent, the i paper and the BBC. Before joining Climate Home News, she worked for the investigative environmental outlet DeSmog UK and contributed to Business Green.

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Zak Derler is Climate Home News’ associate editor for branded content. He also researches climate science denial and fossil fuel lobbying at DeSmog UK and his work has appeared in The London Economic and Byline Times. This year, Zak is studying for an MSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

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Joe Lo is a reporter for Climate Home News. He has previously specialised in container shipping, UK politics and investigative stories about Scotland. His work has appeared in the Guardian, Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle.

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Isabelle Gerretsen is a reporter for Climate Home News. She previously covered climate for CNN International and has written for national and international publications including The Independent, the BBC, Reuters and Newsweek.

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Alex Brooks is head of commercial operations at Climate Home News. He works closely with new and existing partners to ensure that the work of our sponsors is amplified to our audience in the most effective ways possible, he also explores new revenue streams to support our growing footprint. Previously, Alex managed international commercial partnerships at The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Group.

Julia Marques is community engagement manager for Climate Home News. She has previously worked in the environmental NGO sector with ClimateKeys and the Gaia Foundation. She has also worked on a community climate change news platform, and community engagement at ClimateCultures.

Climate Home News is the trading name of Climate Change News Ltd, a UK company registered at 42a, High Street, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 1JT.

Its CEO and founder is James Ramsey.


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Editorial policy

Climate Home News retains full authority over editorial content to protect the best journalistic interests of our organization. Editorial decision making lies solely with the editor-in-chief. The publisher and owner will not interfere with editorial decisions.


Climate Home’s main income is through our sponsorship model. Sponsors are offered promotion and advertising through the site, our social media channels and our newsletters. CHN notifies sponsors that support does not grant any oversight or access to editorial decision making. Acceptance of financial support does not constitute implied or actual endorsement of sponsors or their products, services or opinions.

Sponsored posts run clearly marked on our site and social media. They are provided by sponsors or otherwise produced with their guidance. They are not Climate Home News editorial.


We accept donations through a Patreon account. Donors have no access to editorial decision making.

Reporting programmes and special reports

Climate Home works with funding partners to support the coverage of particular topics through reporting programmes or special reports. The scope of reporting is agreed in advance with the funder and individual articles are commissioned and edited by Climate Home. Activities or content supported in this way are transparently labelled.