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Countries’ fossil fuel production plans inconsistent with Paris Agreement

A UN Environment report warns production of oil, gas and coal to 2030 is on track for warming way beyond 1.5C goal

EU 2020 budget boosts climate action spending

Parliament and members states have agreed to allocate 21% of next year’s budget to measures to address climate change

German ministers urge EU to take leading role at Cop25

Environment minister Svenja Schulze called on the EU to increase its climate ambition and lead by example

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Stakeholders push for progress on France’s climate adaptation plans

Politicians, citizens and experts meet to discuss how and why France must invest more heavily in climate adaptation after report warns of major national impacts

IEA World Energy Outlook outlines 1.5C scenario

Observers warn the IEA’s projection is inconsistent with the world’s long-term sustainable development needs

Economic opportunity should see US get on board with shipping clean-up

Shipping is finally playing catch-up on air pollution standards, but the US is slow-balling attempts to agree cleaner targets

EU plots climate deal with China

European leaders hope to strike a bargain with Beijing next September. What the EU can offer China to bring down its emissions is unclear

Latest climate politics


Brexit must not distract from UK’s biggest job in 2020: the Glasgow climate summit

Next year’s climate talks are absolutely vital and as hosts the UK could determine whether the talks fail or succeed. The government must start preparing now

London bids to host 2020 UN climate talks to show UK remains ‘open’

Mayor Sadiq Khan writes to UK prime minster urging every effort to win the presidency of Cop26 in the face of a competing bid from Italy

UK and Italy bid for 2020 climate talks, amid political uncertainty for both

Both countries face potential general elections and economic problems before the crucial Cop26 meeting and the UK may still be in a Brexit imbroglio

Belfast’s bid to join UK environment law raises post-Brexit border issues

Adding Northern Ireland to the environment law adds pressure on London to keep its regulations in step with the EU’s

New UK green watchdog to be based on EU system, says Gove

‘Whatever else are the defects of the EU – that is a good working model,’ the environment secretary told MPs

UK bill would weaken environmental law after Brexit, legal experts tell MPs

The bill creates ‘get-out-of-jail-free cards’ for ministers and exposes the environment watchdog to government influence, they said

Ireland needs new oil and gas fields to ease reliance on Brexit UK, say drillers

Oil and gas explorers are gearing up to drill offshore Ireland in a bid to boost its energy independence from Britain

Irish energy industry calls for new links to Europe amid Brexit fears

Grid operator boss calls on Brussels to approve funding for a new electricity connection to France to avoid isolation from continent


UN Climate Talks

With UN climate talks looming, Spanish election continues political uncertainty

The Socialists won most seats, but were weakened by rise of far right and conservative vote. Madrid climate talks unlikely to be affected

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Trump begins formal US withdrawal from Paris Agreement

US will leave climate deal one day after 2020 presidential election, although a Democrat winner could reenter almost immediately

US will keep seat at climate talks after it leaves Paris deal

Formal withdrawal process could begin within days, but current and former diplomats say US will continue to influence global rulemaking on climate change

Spain steps up for Cop25 – Climate Weekly

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Madrid to host Cop25 climate talks in December after Chile withdraws

The talks will take place in Spain’s capital, the UN confirmed, after Chile pulled out amid social unrest

Chile has abandoned hosting Cop25, we cannot abandon its people

As the UN talks move elsewhere, the international community must remain deeply vigilant about the potential for continued and escalating repression in Chile

Spain offers to host Cop25 climate talks after Chile withdraws

Talks scheduled to be in Santiago may now move to Madrid, but await UN approval

UN climate talks

Paris Agreement

Australia admits it is on its own using cringe carbon loophole

Governments need to agree the rules over how to use carbon markets to cut emissions, but they shouldn’t take their eyes off Australia’s brash side hustle

Brazil fights attempt to cancel its old carbon credits

Credits from an old regime could undermine the Paris climate agreement, but negotiations ended in stalemate after the biggest holders dug in their heels

EU agrees to ‘update’ Paris climate pledge

Ministers watered down proposed language after opposition from ten member states, some of which are seeking financial support to cut emissions

Net zero: the story of the target that will shape our future

The ‘lionesses’ who changed the way we measure climate ambition

Poor countries will hold the rich to account on climate finance

The major UN climate fund is running short of money, will rich countries live up to the promises they have given?

Pacific leaders set new bar by collectively declaring climate crisis

When regional giants Australia and NZ joined small islands at a recent leaders’ forum they produced the Pacific’s strongest-ever call to act on climate change

Pacific islands criticise Australia’s carbon accounting dodge

Island leaders called out the banking of old carbon credits to meet future climate goals, a trick Australia is relying on in the absence of carbon-cutting policies

Trade deal binds Brazil to Paris Agreement, says top EU official

‘President Bolsonaro chose, and came with us,’ said Cecilia Malmström, as she defended the EU deal with several South American nations

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