IEA develops pathway to ambitious 1.5C climate goal

Under pressure, the International Energy Agency has started work on a scenario in line with the toughest target of the Paris Agreement for its influential outlook

I am a denier. A human extinction denier

The rhetoric of extinction and emergency does not adequately describe the situation we find ourselves in and is counter-productive

Deadly Japan heatwave ‘essentially impossible’ without global warming

Study finds one of the clearest climate change signals to date in July 2018’s record high temperatures, in a result that surprised scientists

EU plans first satellite fleet to monitor CO2 in every country

Three orbiters will give first complete view of earth’s surface, transforming the way carbon emissions are monitored and reported

Lake Chad not shrinking, but climate is fuelling terror groups: report

Satellite analysis shows ‘vanishing’ lake has grown since 1990s, but climate instability is driving communities into the arms of Boko Haram and Islamic State

New Zealand’s farmers have a chance to be climate leaders

A separate target for methane from sheep and cattle has been painted as a sop to farmers; on the contrary, it puts the onus on the sector to curb warming

Cement giant Heidelberg pledges carbon neutral concrete by 2050

In a first for the sector, the world’s fourth largest maker said it would cut emissions in line with Paris climate goals

How can the biodiversity and climate crises be tackled together?

The protection of nature is a major weapon against the climate crisis, but it remains on the periphery of diplomacy and finance. That might be changing

Climate Science


Have hope, humanity is finding ways to defeat climate change

In a new book, Ed Davey finds examples the world can follow to respond to the moral calls from activists Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg

Rwandan farmers lead tree-planting effort to meet rising wood demand

The authorities are partnering with communities to halt the decline of forest cover and produce wood, charcoal and fruit in a sustainable way

As climate fight enters new phase, local responses are starved of funding

Global, one-size-fits-all solutions work for cutting emissions, but adapting to warming requires an altogether different approach

Rwandan landslide casts a long shadow over survivors

While some families have moved to safer ground, young people feel left behind in areas increasingly prone to deadly landslides

Climate finance misses its mark in Ugandan landslide zones

On the slopes of Mount Elgon, residents live in fear of the next deadly landslide, as tree-planting solutions fail to take root

Life adapts to Louisiana’s disappearing coast

South Louisiana is experiencing the effects of coastal erosion faster than almost anywhere in the world, but life adapts through the buildings and architecture

Weeds flourish and fish decline in Lake Victoria’s ‘deadest’ corner

As invasive water hyacinth chokes fishing communities, the World Bank launches a third phase of investment to try and restore the degraded lake

Valley dams offer half a hope to drought-hit Ugandan herders

As temperatures rise, pastoralists in Karamoja travel further to find pasture, while the government’s preferred remedy fails under extreme drought



Polar sea ice hits record new low

Northern spring thaw begins with sea ice at a record low. Nasa scientists say the world has lost an expanse of ice larger than Mexico since 1981

Global sea ice at lowest area ever recorded

Scientists mystified by a sudden fall in sea ice around Antarctica, but said there was no evidence it was related to global warming

Antarctic ice shelf collapse pits fishing against science

British scientists want a fishing moratorium while they study newly open waters, but Russia stands in their way

Elephant seals enlisted in Antarctic sea ice study

Marine mammals have been fitted with monitoring devices to gather data in inaccessible parts of the South Pole

The puzzle of Antarctica’s long-term ice loss

Satellite data records reveal that the worrying loss of hundreds of square kilometres of ice along West Antarctica’s coastline has been occurring for decades

Top insurer urges US to stop subsidising climate-risk homes

National scheme encourages irresponsible housebuilding on regions exposed to flooding and storms, warns Lloyds

Antarctic glacier melt could add 3 metres to sea levels – study

A huge glacier in the frozen wastes of East Antarctica, a region previously thought stable, could melt much faster than expected, scientists say.

Antarctica geoengineering idea flawed say scientists

NEWS: Pumping sea water onto the continent to form ice to slow sea-level rise is flawed say scientists – and could make it worse



US breaks from Arctic consensus on climate change

At a meeting of the Arctic Council, secretary of state Mike Pompeo refused to identify global warming as a threat, instead hailing an oil rush as sea ice melts

Arctic countries call for regional heavy fuel oil ban at UN shipping talks

Melting sea ice is opening the Arctic up to increased maritime traffic, raising fears of toxic fuel spills and climate pollution

Timelapse video: shipping first as LNG tanker crosses Arctic in winter without icebreaker escort

Teekay vessel Eduard Toll is designed to cut through ice and take advantage of the opening of Russia’s Arctic coastline to industry

Norwegian campaigners lose court case against Arctic oil drilling

Oslo district court told Greenpeace and co-plaintiffs exploration for new reserves did not violate citizens’ constitutional right to a healthy environment

Big oil vs bearded seal: Case to test Trump climate stance

Supreme Court to decide whether to hear oil companies and Alaskan native case against Trump administration for listing seal as threatened due to climate change

Gas tanker crosses thawing Arctic without icebreaker for first time

Sovcomflot vessel cut through thinning sea ice on the northern sea route to carry its cargo of fuel from Norway to South Korea in record time

One kilometre along the Arctic sea ice – my hardest ever swim

When Lewis Pugh finished his 22-minute, awareness-raising swim his hands were so frozen he hand to grip onto his photographer with his teeth

US endorses global action to curb greenhouse gases at Arctic summit

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson signed the Fairbanks Declaration, calling for climate action but holding judgement on the Paris Agreement



Chile’s ‘Blue Cop’ will push leaders to protect oceans to heal climate

Hosts of UN climate talks push ocean health up political agenda in year when IPCC scientists will deliver major report on climate link

EU: Breaching 1.5C would trigger cascade of negative effects

Confidential comments on a draft UN report show the EU calling for scientists to discount scenarios where temperatures temporarily overshoot the Paris goal

Ecosystems across Australia are collapsing under climate change

The Great Barrier Reef has become a notorious victim of climate change. But it is not the only Australian ecosystem on the brink of collapse

Why are the world’s climate funds ignoring coral reefs?

Vital marine ecosystems are threatened by ocean warming and acidification, yet get a tiny fraction of climate finance, E3G research shows

Ocean acidification is global warming’s forgotten crisis

We have the tools to barricade ecosystems against some impacts of warmer, more acidic oceans. But do we have the political will to use them?

Maldives regime imperils coral reefs in dash for cash

Under President Yameen, ministers are quashing environmental concerns to strike opaque resort deals with foreign investors, warn divers, scientists and two EPA insiders

There’s a secret UN climate summit taking place in Mexico

UN biodiversity chief tells Climate Home protecting and restoring ecosystems is the best way to protect the world from dangerous levels of global warming

Worst-recorded coral bleaching event to continue into 2017

World’s reefs in “uncharted territory”, say scientists, as bleaching set to hit reefs for an unprecedented third year in a row



Green Climate Fund talks ‘hijacked’ by India-Pakistan conflict

After objections by the Indian representative, the Green Climate Fund has kept on hold a project to reduce the risk of glacial lake outburst floods in northern Pakistan

Rapid glacier melt threatens Bolivia water supplies, homes

Area of the Bolivian Andes covered by ice has shrunk 43% in a generation, study finds, with alarming implications

Human-caused warming postpones next ice age by 50,000 years

NEWS: Scientists forecast long delay to return of glaciers as carbon emissions screw the Earth’s climate systems

Greenland ice melt speeds up sea level rise

NEWS: Scientists have found evidence suggesting that melting icecap water from the interior of Greenland is adding to sea level rise faster than previously realised

Glacier melt hits record levels, report Zurich-based monitors

NEWS: Scientists say many glaciers are melting faster than ever − and many will continue to do so even if climate change can be stabilised

Too few scientists track loss of Himalayan glaciers

NEWS: Millions rely on meltwater from Asia’s water towers, but lack of expertise and manpower hampers the study of climate impacts

Alaska glaciers melting faster as planet overheats

NEWS: Climate change rather than natural causes is the main driver of state’s glacier loss, which is set to speed up, US scientists say

Canadian glaciers could start to disappear by 2040 – scientists

NEWS: Climate change could cause many glaciers in western Canada to start to disappear by mid century, affecting people and places that depend on their water



Kerala shows how floods are changing

Across the world, cities and communities are underprepared for the new flooding regime that climate change is ushering in

Link between Hurricane Harvey and climate change is unclear

Reports the devastating storm was made worse by humanity’s carbon emissions fail to grasp climate change is not just about warming

Sweltering European summer has human fingerprints

The chance of extremely hot days, such as have been seen across southern Europe this summer has been “greatly increased” by climate change

Humans massively increased odds of three consecutive hottest years

New research shows odds of record years and runs of record years have changed from tiny to probable because of greenhouse gases

African countries urged to prepare for rise in extreme El Niño events

Early warning systems and early action funds are needed to prevent repeats of the 2015/16 famine, experts warn in response to latest science

Pope’s climate essay won’t convince Trump, it didn’t even work on Catholics

Pope’s encyclical on climate change appealed to liberals, but conservative Catholics were driven away by the values it invoked

Dryland expansion to hit food crops as planet warms

Studies warn climate change will bring faster warming to subtropical dry areas, making crops like wheat and potatoes unviable

Melting Arctic worsens Beijing’s pollution haze, study finds

Changing weather patterns make winter smog around China’s capital more likely, scientists warn, despite efforts to tackle air pollution at source



MPs call to expand post-Brexit green programme across whole government

Indications that Britain’s new environmental watchdog will be government-funded raise questions about its independence, the National Audit Office said

France aims to ban deforestation imports by 2030

New French strategy puts pressure on Brussels to set an EU-wide action plan to stop agricultural trade destroying forests

Climate threatens ‘Himalayan Viagra’ fungus, and a way of life

A valuable fungus reputed to be an aphrodisiac has been disappearing from the mountains of Nepal, taking with it a valuable source of income

Marine reserves are helping ecosystems cope with climate change: study

International review finds that protected areas are good for adaptation to global warming as well as preventing overfishing and pollution

It’s 1 March, but spring got started weeks ago

As warmer days wake parts of nature from their winter slumber earlier and earlier, ancient cycles are being broken

Global warming linked to plant, animal extinctions

Almost half of plant and animal species have experienced local extinctions due to climate change, research reveals, with the tropics suffering the most pronounced loss

Iconic Kruger game park faces bleak climate future

Recent drought gives a taste of things to come for Kruger National Park, South Africa, as global warming outpaces species’ ability to adapt

Scientists warn of ecological recession as biodiversity declines

Species loss has pushed ecosystems past a danger threshold across more than half of the terrestrial world



Nile countries prepare water monitoring system to fill data gaps

Officials hope the hydromet system will help neighbours along the world’s longest river to manage the pressures of population growth, infrastructure and climate change

Cape Town ‘Day Zero’ drought odds tripled by climate change

Such a dry spell would once have only occurred only once every 300 years. Now it is a once-a-century event and will get even more frequent with further global warming

Pakistani senator calls for climate cooperation with India amid water crisis

As drought bites, senate opposition leader Sherry Rehman says climate action is a security priority for South Asia

Rising CO2 levels threaten aquatic life, studies show

Both marine and freshwater species are affected by acidifying water in ways that disrupt the entire food web, scientists warn

Climate change threatens survival of the River Jordan

New research finds worsening droughts will sap the biblical waterway, which is already under pressure from agriculture and a growing population

Egypt faces water insecurity as Ethiopian mega-dam rumours swirl

Farmers along the lower Nile have little information to guide them as upriver barrage threatens to compound the impacts of global warming

Scientists say east Africa will get wetter, so why is it drying out?

Despite models predicting increased rainfall with climate change, the region has collapsed into drought – a puzzle known as the East African paradox

Rainfall extremes to become the Nile’s new normal

With global warming, the mighty river basin will swing from devastating floods to withering drought, models show



Climate science on 1.5C erased at UN talks as US and Saudis step in

In a moment of drama in Poland, countries closed ranks against a push by oil producers to water down recognition of the UN’s report on the impacts of 1.5C warming

French senate ‘failed to heed’ UN science warning before protests

A major climate report in October found shifting to a green economy risked social disruption, but French senators told a scientist they were ‘powerless’ to respond

Islands need support to face shocking impacts of 1.5C global warming

Last month’s landmark UN science report underlines why vulnerable countries must demand funding to cover their climate-induced losses

Why UN climate science reports have Africa-shaped gaps

African experts explain the barriers they face to taking part in influential climate science assessments like this month’s blockbuster on 1.5C global warming

EU lawmakers support 55% emission cuts as IPCC spectre lurks

MEPs are calling on the EU to bump its 2030 target in light of this week’s scientific report of 1.5C of global warming

Reality check: is the 1.5C warming target even possible?

Scientists have warned that warming more than half a degree above now is dangerous, but can we stop it?

Climate lawyers to use UN 1.5C report to sue governments

Lawyers have long planned to use a report released on Monday to lend weight to calls for climate damages or redress through the courts

Economics Nobel goes to inventor of models used in UN 1.5C report

William Nordhaus originated the idea of a 2C global warming limit but last year cast doubt on our ability to reach it. He shares the prize with Paul Romer